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20 Deep And Beautiful Imagery Quotes

Imagery consists of descriptive language that can function as a way for the reader to better imagine the world of the piece of literature and also add symbolism to the work. Imagery includes figurative and metaphorical language to improve the reader’s experience through their senses. Imagery draws on the five senses, namely the details of taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. This is a 20 collection of quotes on "Imagery" and "Imagery" sayings.

The vocabulary of pleasure depends on the imagery of pain. - Marina Warner
Poetry carries the imagery which is large enough for the kind of life we want for ourselves. - David Whyte
When you read a novel, your own imagery is the most important. It's what makes reading such a wonderful thing. - Daniel Craig
Imagery is not past but present. It rests with what we call our mental processes to place these images in a temporal order. - George Herbert Mead
When an idea is important to a person or culture it will find its way into imagery. - Joseph Campbell
The original quality in any man of imagination is imagery. - Gilbert K. Chesterton
The imagery is very much released from reality. It's not nailed down to specifics of the words. They're painting a picture, not telling linear stories. - Daniel B. Shapiro
Imagery is like music. - Steven Bochco
Being an artist, you soak up imagery, and you put it back out in whatever form you do your own imagery. - Jim Starlin
The awareness of imagery is part of living... a life which derives its power from within itself will focus on the perception... of images. - Oskar Kokoschka
Images are the heart of poetry ... You're not a poet without imagery. - Anne Sexton
The really great gallerists have always been interested in imagery that is not that imagery. - Rachael Price
Words are tools of imagery in motion. - Sam Shepard
Poetry's magic lies in the imagery which satisfies even without is accepted as easily as it was created. - Robert Bridges
To know how scientists engage in visual imagery is to understand how they think creatively. - E. O. Wilson
The use of mental imagery is one of the strongest and most effective strategies for making something happen for you. - Wayne Dyer
Our society's dependence on imagery says a lot about our values. - Chelsea Manning
There's something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery. - Stefan Kanfer
Poetry is fact given over to imagery. - Rod McKuen
Change your mental imagery, and the feelings will take care of themselves. - Maxwell Maltz
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