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A good song is a song what brings peace to your inner world. A good song is a song that wipes out sorrow and you feel peace enjoying it. Good songs are like meditation. Good songs grows happiness. This is a collection of good song quotes and sayings.

A good song receives love forever. - Kim Jong-hyun
A good song never gets old. - Bad Bunny
If you hear a good song, it makes you hopeful like, 'That is out there.' - Jazmine Sullivan
A good song should give you a lot of images; you should be able to make your own little movie in your head to a good song. - Tom Petty
A good song is a good song whatever your age. - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Right from day one, you know when you've written a good song. - Joan Armatrading
A good song takes on more meaning as the years pass by. - Bruce Springsteen
The world is a song, but we do not know whether it is a good song because we have nothing to compare it with. - Halldor Laxness
Music is a powerful tool in galvanizing people around an issue. There’s no better way to get your point across than to put it in a beautiful song. - Ed Sheeran
A good song is a good song. - Glen Campbell
A good song can make you smile, or it can make you dance or laugh or remind you of a moment. - Charli XCX
As much as heartbreak music might be therapeutic, we all want love and long for that feeling. So if a song can give you that feeling, even without being in love, that’s amazing. - Ella Mai
Good music can act as a guide to good living. - John Cage
Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought. - E. Y. Harburg
A good song is a good song, and good musicians can play all different styles. - John Doe
A good song reminds us what we're fighting for. - Pete Seeger
When you sing a song of love, you’re actually giving something to yourself, too. - Jason Mraz
A good song and good musicians can really move mountains. - Joey Tempest
Good songs are what a good band is all about. - Joey Kramer
Not every song has to be about love and tenderness, sometimes you have those strictly physical feelings for somebody and it’s okay to have those feelings. - Adam Levine
Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. - Ronald Reagan
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