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Handmade things are special and cute. everything handmade is so lovely and touchy. It is the human touch that makes them special. For example, look at Rolls Royce cars, why are they so expensive? because they are handmade. It takes a lot of passion and workmanship to make something with hands. This is a collection of 7 quotes on handmade and handmade sayings.

Whatever you have to have, try to have something which is handmade. - Nirmala Srivastava
Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time. - Douglas Coupland
Most of my instruments are handmade. - Xavier Rudd
That's the thing with handmade items. They still have the person's mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone. - Aimee Bender
Handmade things tend to be so expensive that only a small part of the population can afford them. And yet making things with hands is such an essential part of being human. - Jessica Stockholder
For me that's one of the great indulgences in life - a hand-tailored suit, and a great pair of handmade shoes. - Hugh Jackman
The coffin was handmade from the wood of a single Eucalyptus tree. - Nick Hahn
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