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Mathematics is the grandfather of all science. mathematics is the science itself. This is a collection of quotes on mathematics and mathematics sayings.

Mathematics is the music of reason. - James Joseph Sylvester
Mathematics allows for no hypocrisy and no vagueness. - Stendhal
Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things. - Henri Poincare
Poetry is a form of mathematics, a highly rigorous relationship with words. - Tahar Ben Jelloun
Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit. - Stefan Banach
Mathematics is, as it were, a sensuous logic, and relates to philosophy as do the arts, music, and plastic art to poetry. - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. - Albert Einstein
Logic and mathematics are nothing but specialised linguistic structures. - Jean Piaget
A lot of music is mathematics. It's balance. - Mel Brooks
What is mathematics? It is only a systematic effort of solving puzzles posed by nature. - Shakuntala Devi
But mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant, of the arts and is touched by the same madness and genius. - Marston Morse
'Obvious' is the most dangerous word in mathematics. - E. T. Bell
Mathematics is as old as Man. - Stefan Banach
Music at times is more like perfume than mathematics. - Gabriel Marcel
The infinite in mathematics is alway unruly unless it is properly treated. - James Newman
With me, everything turns into mathematics. - Rene Descartes
Mathematics is a place where you can do things which you can't do in the real world. - Marcus du Sautoy
For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics. - Roger Bacon
The essence of mathematics lies in its freedom. - Georg Cantor
It is not of the essence of mathematics to be conversant with the ideas of number and quantity. - George Boole
There should be no such thing as boring mathematics. - Edsger Dijkstra
Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty. - Deepak Chopra
Mathematics is the art of explanation. - Paul Lockhart
Mathematics is the cheapest science. Unlike physics or chemistry, it does not require any expensive equipment. All one needs for mathematics is a pencil and paper. - Polya George
Doing mathematics should always mean finding patterns and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations. - Paul Lockhart
Increasingly, the mathematics will demand the courage to face its implications. - Michael Crichton
Like music, mathematics also has lyrics.
The mathematics is not there till we put it there. - Arthur Eddington
In every department of physical science there is only so much science, properly so-called, as there is mathematics. - Immanuel Kant
Mathematics is just a language of instruction. - Khalid Masood
Mathematics consists in proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way. - George PĆ³lya
Real mathematics must be justified as art if it can be justified at all. - G.H. Hardy
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