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30+ Marketing Quotes

Marketing is one of the most prior things in business. Marketing helps to grow. Marketing Is important for every business. This is a collection of 31 quotes on marketing and marketing sayings.

Marketing is a contest for people's attention. - Seth Godin
Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation. - Milan Kundera
Marketing is what you do when your product is no good. - Edwin Land
The marketing is just as important as the music, almost. - Robyn
That feeling of freedom, open highways of possibilities, has kind of been lost to materialism and marketing. - Sheryl Crow
The world of marketing has changed. You can lead the change or be a victim of change. - Denise Morrison
Marketing is not a nice word, but the world is about marketing now. - Giorgio Armani
You can't believe your own marketing. - Ryan Holiday
Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing, but you can't buy it. You can only deliver it. And you have to really deliver. - G-Eazy
Marketing is the obverse of programming. - John McAfee
The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. - Peter Drucker
Here's my whole marketing idea: treat people the way you want to be treated. - Garth Brooks
When it comes to marketing, creative resources are often worth far more than dollars. - Neil Blumenthal
In my experience, marketing is best when it proves the product it is supporting. - Ryan Holiday
Everyone can benefit from seeing smart marketing. - Lewis Howes
To me, we're marketing hope. - Joel Osteen
Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. - David Packard
Targeted marketing has existed for as long as there's been marketing. - Brad Parscale
Many large brands are now just marketing machines for what's being made offshore. - Chad Hurley
The marketing of anything is full of exploitation and lies and hype. - Sydney Pollack
Word of mouth is way more important than millions of dollars spent marketing. - Isaac Hanson
There are a lot of bands using self-abuse as a marketing gimmick. - Bruce Dickinson
Word of mouth is way more important than millions of dollars spent marketing. - Isaac Hanson
Never forget this simple truism: Forecasting is marketing, plain and simple. - Barry Ritholtz
Marketing is a core part of anything you do. - Keith Belling
Growth hacking is the future of marketing. It has to be. - Ryan Holiday
It will take very sophisticated marketing to achieve our aim of bringing more black people into the theater. - Alvin Ailey
Marketing is the devil. - Billy Bob Thornton
Marketing is designed to bring people into something. - Sue Naegle
Everyone can benefit from seeing smart marketing. - Lewis Howes
The world of marketing is all about trends and the ability of marketers to identify and cultivate them. - John Rampton
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