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25+ Liberation Quotes

Liberation is a right of every human being. Liberation is a need for every human. The liberation of life is the liberation of the soul. This is a collection of 26 liberation quotes and sayings.

Self-realization is liberation. Liberation is self-realization. - Frederick Lenz
Freeing oneself from words is liberation. - Bodhidharma
National liberation is necessarily an act of culture. - Amilcar Cabral
Liberation and equal-rights issues notwithstanding, it was a man's job to make a woman feel cherished and respected. - Tom Clancy
The true liberation, the true path to freedom, lay in the ability to forgive. - Alyson Noel
The greatest force of personal liberation is the decision to widen our circle of compassion, moving from focus on self to focus on service. - Marianne Williamson
The prison life of the past looks in our own time like liberation itself. - Christopher Lasch
Liberation that raises a cry against others is no true liberation. Liberation that means revolutions of hate and violence and takes away lives of others or abases the dignity of others cannot be true liberty. - Oscar Romero
Liberation means you don't have to be silenced. - Toni Morrison
Zen is a way of liberation, concerned not with discovering what is good or bad or advantageous, but what is. - Alan Watts
Liberation is an interesting word, because you can be liberated from external things, and also from your internal dialogue. - Goldie Hawn
The dream is the liberation of the spirit from the pressure of external nature, a detachment of the soul from the fetters of matter. - Sigmund Freud
If you live your life burning for the highest possibility, in that burning itself, there is liberation. - Jaggi Vasudev
Liberation is a praxis: the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it. - Paulo Freire
Liberation is the path of transcendence. Manifestation is the path of immanence. Both lead to the same place: the divine. - Anodea Judith
Once freedom is equated with a certain material standard of living, confiscation becomes the path to liberation. - James Bovard
Liberation is not deliverance. - Victor Hugo
The awareness of liberation is not liberation. The awareness of time is not liberation. - Frederick Lenz
The liberation cannot be reached but by means of the perception of the identity of the individual spirit with the universal spirit. - Laozi
Real liberation comes not from glossing over or repressing painful states of feeling, but only from experiencing them to the full. - C.G. Jung
The seeds of liberation are planted across the common table as we break bread together. - Jamie Arpin-Ricci
Liberation has fragmented revelation, and fragmented illumination. - Talismans Ginebra
Every religion or every philosophy is an outcome of the human search for liberation. - Lobsang Tenzin
Despair and frustration will not shake our belief that the resistance is the only way of liberation. - Emile Lahoud
The liberation of any nation begins in the mind of the people. - Henry Johnson Jr
Liberation does not come from outside. - Gloria Steinem
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