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Life has lent us many things. Many things we care for are only lent to us by life. We lend things to our close ones and they lend us many things we need. This is a collection of "lent" quotes and sayings.

Heaven lent you a soul, Earth will lend a grave. - Christian Nestell Bovee
There's something about it that makes sense, Lent. You give something up, and everything's more joyful. - Elaine Stritch
Never point a finger where you never lent a hand. - Robert Breault
The passive master lent his hand, To the vast Soul which o'er him planned. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
One thing only has been lent to youth and age in common--discontent. - Matthew Arnold
Lent is the time for trimming the soul and scrapping the sludge off a life turned slipshod. - Joan D. Chittister
Pleasure never comes sincere to man; but lent by heaven upon hard usury. - John Dryden
Every possession and every happiness is but lent by chance for an uncertain time, and may therefore be demanded back the next hour. - Arthur Schopenhauer
We can think of Lent as a time to eradicate evil or cultivate virtue, a time to pull up weeds or to plant good seeds. - Fulton J. Sheen
Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles. - Ezra Pound
We are spirits. That bodies should be lent us while they afford us pleasure, assist us in acquiring knowledge or in doing good to our fellow-creatures. - Benjamin Franklin
Death is not the enemy of life, but its friend, for it is the knowledge that our years are limited which makes them so precious. It is the truth that time is but lent to us which makes us, at our best, look upon our years as a trust handed into our temporary keeping. - Joshua L. Liebman
Love lent me wings; my path was like a stair; A lamp unto my feet, that sun was given; And death was safety and great joy to find; But dying now, I shall not climb to Heaven. - Michelangelo
Of darkness visible so much be lent, as half to show, half veil, the deep intent. - Alexander Pope
Lent is a time of grace, a time to convert and live out our baptism fully. - Pope Francis
Blessed the one who loves truth continually and has not lent his mouth as an instrument of impiety by lying, for he fears the commandment about idle speech. - Ephrem the Syrian
Nature has lent us life at interest, like money, and has fixed no day for its payment. - Marcus Tullius Cicero
Man has been lent, not given, to life. - Publilius Syrus
Our loves are not given, but only lent, At compound interest of cent per cent. - Rudyard Kipling
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