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25 Laundry Quotes

Laundry is one of the most important parts of our life. Good laundry, Good Man. This is a collection of 25 quotes on laundry and laundry sayings.

After enlightenment, the laundry. - Gautama Buddha
It's better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week. - Laurence J. Peter
Guys should be doing laundry, doing dishes. - Bobby Berk
It is not weird for a dad to be doing the dishes, the laundry, and taking the kids to school, and read them stories for bed. - Zach Cregger
Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour. - Anonymous
A good laundry room with storage can make life easier. - Jonathan Scott
Learn to put your troubles in your pocket, then leave them there when you do your laundry. - John Avery
Behind every successful woman is a basket of dirty laundry. - Sally Forth
Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry. - Barbara Dale
Travelling alone was like laundry for my thoughts. - Mark Foster
Look after your laundry, and your soul will look after itself. - W Somerset Maugham
Realism has to be such high quality, you can't fake it. It's all hanging out there like the laundry. - Nelson Shanks
The laundry has its hands on my dirty shirts, sheets, towels and tablecloths, and who knows what tales they tell. - Joseph Smith, Jr.
Long live your laundry! - Billy Mays
Airing the family's laundry can make people upset. - J. D. Vance
There is profundity to explore, but also laundry to do. - Bruce Feiler
An income tax form is like a laundry list - either way you lose your shirt. - Fred Allen
Measurement is like laundry. It piles up the longer you wait to do it. - Amber Naslund
We were clever enough to turn a laundry list into poetry. - Umberto Eco
The reality is that we do not wash our own laundry - it just gets dirtier. - Frank Serpico
Forgiveness lives alone and far off down the road, but bitterness and art are close, gossipy neighbors, sharing the same clothesline, hanging out their things, getting their laundry confused. -Lorrie Moore
Mine doesn't even know there is laundry. It just magically gets done. - Mila Kunis
Love is mental illness going in and mental illness coming out. In between, you do a lot of laundry. - Steve Lopez
Give me a laundry-list and I'll set it to music. - Gioacchino Rossini
Humanity is the washerwoman of society that wrings out its dirty laundry in tears. - Karl Kraus
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