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30+ Keep It Simple Quotes

Always keep it simple. Keeping it simple is the best way of making it beautiful. This is a collection of 31 quotes on keep it simple and keep it simple sayings.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. - Albert Einstein
Live simply, so that others may simply live. - Mother Teresa
It must be a balance in everything we do, not too much of everything, keep it simple, not complicated. - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Life is simple. You just have to stop trying to figure it out. - Marty Rubin
Simplicity is complex. It's never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking. - Richie Norton
Just keep it simple. When you over-think what you're wearing, that's when wardrobe malfunctions tend to happen. - Guy Berryman
Simplicity is the glory of expression. - Walt Whitman
Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time. - Arnold H. Glasow
Keep it simple. You don't want to overdo it with too much makeup or crazy, over-the-top hairstyles. Let your natural beauty show through. - Heidi Klum
The most simple things can bring the most happiness. - Izabella Scorupco
Keep it simple, when you get too complex you forget the obvious. - Al McGuire
Do what makes you happy. Keep it simple. Do the research. Work hard. Look ahead. - Gary Vaynerchuk
The greatest truths are the simplest things in the world, simple as your own existence. - Swami Vivekananda
Keep it simple and focus on what matters. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed. - Confucius
Keep it simple: own as little as you can get away with, schedule everything, keep a notebook, don't let technology enslave you. - Blake Mycoskie
Simplicity is, as simple as you make it. - Anthony Liccione
Above all, keep it simple. - Auguste Escoffier
Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art. - Frank Lloyd Wright
The key to a good life is to keep it simple, yet creating simplicity is such a complex issue. - Master Jin Kwon
The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity. - Tom Peters
Keep it simple, make it general, and make it intelligible. - Douglas McIlroy
Keep it simple. Trust your imagination. Discover what is unique about your imagination. Don't simply read a story and copy it. - Clive Barker
Whatever makes you feel bad, Leave it. Whatever makes you smile, Keep it. Simple as that. - Urban Saying
To keep it simple you run your gym like you run your house. - Joe Gold
Keep it simple. Let's do the obvious thing the common thing but let's do it uncommonly well. - Leo Burnett
Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify. - Henry David Thoreau
Stay low, stay quiet, keep it simple, don't expect too much, enjoy what you have. - Dean Koontz
What counts in a good story is the person inside. Keep it simple. - Paulo Coelho
Only great minds can afford a simple style. - Stendhal
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius
See it big, and keep it simple. - Wilferd Peterson
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