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22 Jury Quotes

Jury is a group of people to judge a case. Being a jury is not easy. One have to be wise, learned and intellectually sharp to be jury. This is a collection of 22 quotes on jury and jury sayings.

A fox should not be on the jury at a goose's trial. - Thomas Fuller
A jury is composed of twelve men of average ignorance. - Herbert Spencer
When a jury permits a guilty man to escape, it augments the danger of the innocent. - Urban Saying
The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy. - John Jay
The verdict of a jury is the a priori opinion of that juror who smokes the worst cigars. - H. L. Mencken
The jury system was somewhat of an anomaly, like everything else in the law. - Kenneth G. Eade
The jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact. - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Jury selection is strictly an emotional process. They're looking for people they can manipulate. Both sides are. - Joseph Wambaugh
The jury is still out on whether humans are causing climate change. - Sonny Perdue
The jury system puts a ban upon intelligence and honesty, and a premium upon ignorance, stupidity and perjury. - S. L. Clemens
A jury too often has at least one member more ready to hang the panel than to hang the traitor. - Abraham Lincoln
When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty. - Norm Crosby
Usually when attorneys are assembling a jury, they're just looking for sheep that are easily impressed. - Johnny Kelly
The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts. - Samuel Chase
No one can just file a charge and go directly to a jury trial. That just cannot happen. - Robert P. McCulloch
A jury verdict is just a guess - a well-intentioned guess, generally, but you simply cannot tell fact from fiction by taking a vote. - William Landay
Jury lawlessness is the greatest corrective of law in its actual administration. - Roscoe Pound
The jury passing on the prisoner's life may in the sworn twelve have a thief or two guiltier than him they try. - William Shakespeare
A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. - Robert Frost
Only Lawyers and mental defectives are automatically exempt for jury duty. - George Bernard Shaw
Life is a tragedy filled with suffering and despair and yet some people do manage to avoid jury duty. - Woody Allen
Life is like jury duty. Just do it and get it over with. - Dana Gould
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