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Jockey isn't a easy profession. Being a jockey is about having mentally and physically a lots of strength. This is a collection of quotes on 15 jockey and jockey sayings. This is a collection of 15 quotes on jockey and jockey sayings.

You don't have to have been a horse to be a jockey. - Arrigo Sacchi
The only trouble with that horse is that it doesn’t like jockeys. Once it’s thrown its jockey it goes like the wind. - Henry Cecil
In a lot of people’s minds, a girl jockey is cute and delicate. With me, what you get is reckless and aggressive. - Julie Krone
Horses and jockeys mature earlier than people—which is why horses are admitted to racetracks at the age of two, and jockeys before they are old enough to shave. - Dick Beddoes
Sometimes you buy the horse, sometimes you invest in the jockey. It really comes down to the actual business and the upside. - Mark Cuban
The best jockey in the world is never going to win races riding a lame horse. But even a mediocre jockey can win races riding a champion. - Warren Buffett
No jockey ever won a race by carrying the horse across the finish line; no coach ever won a volleyball match by touching the ball during play. - John Kessel
You don't want to wait for that aged jockey role. - Billy Crystal
A good jockey has to be physically well balanced. They have to possess a strong upper body and a strong lower body. - Chantal Sutherland
When the jockey hops off and tells you the horse feels bang on, you get a good feeling about it. - Paul Moroney
When a jockey retires, he just becomes another little man. - Eddie Arcaro
Falsehood is the jockey of misfortune. - Jean Giraudoux
Politics is like a race horse. A good jockey must know how to fall with the least possible damage. - Edouard Herriot
Every jockey makes mistakes…and no one holds them against him as long as he gets his share of winners…When a jockey is going down, people remember his mistakes. - William Fain
A good jockey doesn't need orders and a bad jockey couldn't carry them out anyway; so it's best not to give them any. - Lester Piggott
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