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Intimacy means close familiarity or friendship. Intimacy is a situation in which you have a close friendship or close physical relationship with someone. Intimacy refers to something of a personal or private nature. This is a collection of 33 "Intimacy" quotes and sayings.

Intimacy is healing. - Dean Ornish
What people respond to is intimacy and regularity. - Pete Holmes
Interestingly, the best way to promote intimacy is to demand it. - George Weinberg
Intimacy is something to be cherished, and intimacy is not something to be afraid of. - Ira Sachs
The eyes start love; intimacy perfects it. - Publilius Syrus
Total intimacy is a myth; that said, a particular kind of loneliness can be both beautiful and fruitful. - Lauren Groff
Intimacy can be about holding someone's hand. It could be about stroking their hair. - Hill Harper
Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone - and finding that that's ok with them. - Alain De Botton
The deepest moments of intimacy occur when you're not talking. - Patricia Love
Only intimacy with the self will bring about true healing. - Deepak Chopra
Intimacy and community buffer stress. - Dean Ornish
The promise of intimacy is also its risk: the more intimacy two people share, the more power they give to each other to cause hurt. - Karen J. Prager
Real intimacy is a sacred experience. -John O'Donohue
If honesty is the key to intimacy, it means we don't have to be perfect and we don't have to pretend to be perfect. - Donald Miller
Any time you have intimacy with someone, there is something between them. - Miranda Otto
This is intimacy: the trading of stories in the dark. - Elizabeth Gilbert
Intimacy is being seen and known as the person you truly are. - Amy Bloom
One of the characteristics of love relationships that flower is a relatively high degree of mutual self-disclosure. - Nathaniel Branden
The opposite of loneliness is not togetherness, it's intimacy. - Richard Bach
Infidelity raises profound questions about intimacy. - Junot Diaz
The intimacy. The deepest level of love. The knowledge that someone understands you, is rooting for you, is sharing your life. - Adriana Trigiani
The highest form of love is the love that allows for intimacy without the annihilation of difference. - Parker J. Palmer
Real intimacy; real love has to do with a joining of the mind, a joining of the spirit, a joining of the heart. - Marianne Williamson
The key to intimacy is the commitment to honesty and to the radical forgiveness necessary in order for honesty to be safe. - Marianne Williamson
At least embarrassment is not an imitation. It is intimacy for beginners. - Alice Fulton
Physical intimacy isn’t and can never be an effective substitute for emotional intimacy. - John Green
Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still. - Robert Sternberg
Intimacy requires courage because risk is inescapable. - Rollo May
Fear is the great enemy of intimacy. Fear makes us run away from each other or cling to each other but does not create true intimacy. - Henri Nouwen
The more knowledge one person has of the other, the greater the intimacy within the relationship. - John Friend
All intimacy is rare-that's what makes it precious. - Amy Bloom
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