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31 Attractive Hobby Quotes

Hobby keeps the candle of soul lightened. Hobby wipes out wrinkles of mind. A hobby is an activity that keeps us active. This is a collection of 31 hobby quotes and sayings.

A hobby is a happy medium between a passion and a monomania. - Honore de Balzac
Hobby means doing something for the fun of it, not necessarily to make a living. - Theresa A. Husarik
You never lose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby. - Larry Page
Get a hobby. Maintain your friendships. Hang out with other people. - Stacey Snider
The finest thing about a hobby is that you can't do any pretending about it. You either like it or you don't. - Dorothy Draper
A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away. - Phyllis McGinley
Beware the hobby that eats. - Benjamin Franklin
Sometimes when you turn a hobby into a job, it becomes work. - Jeff Bennett
There is comfort, even among strangers, when people find something they are equally passionate about. - Joyce Rachelle
A hobby is the result of a distorted view of things. It is putting a planet in the place of a sun. - John Lancaster Spalding
Saving the world is only a hobby. Most of the time I do nothing. - Edward Abbey
Hobbies take place in the cellar and smell of airplane glue. - John Updike
Some people like to garden, some people like motorcycle riding... my hobby is winning. - Jack Passion
Cooking may be a creative art, but it's also a wonderful full-time hobby. - Julia Child
Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living. - Bill Malone
A hobby is only fun if you don't have time to do it. - Leo Beenhakker
No man is really happy or safe without a hobby. - William Osler
Sunshine Cake is just a fun hobby thing. That's about it. - Krist Novoselic
We reach the point where our profession is also our hobby. - Robert Anderson
Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether it's a relationship, a business or a hobby. - Neil Strauss
There is a very fine line between hobby and mental illness. - Dave Barry
Writing is a crummy profession, but a good hobby. - Paavo Haavikko
Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby. - George Bernard Shaw
There are more opportunities now than ever before to even make a small, part-time business out of a hobby you love. - Sarah Lillard
A hobby is the result of a distorted view of things. It is putting a planet in the place of a sun. - John Lancaster Spalding
There are aspects of work that are enjoyable, that you could call a hobby. - Heston Blumenthal
The cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interest is a policy of first importance to a public man. - Winston Churchill
Hobbies are like flowers on plant. They make the plant look beautiful and feel Proud. - Sukant Ratnakar
Being charming is my hobby. - Richelle Mead
A hobby is hard work you wouldn't do for a living. - Anonymous
Life's a hobby. - Joshua Lederberg
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