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19 Nostalgic High School Quotes

High School is a great part of life. High school creates a lots of memories. This is a collection of 19 high school quotes and high school sayings.

High School: the mouse race to prepare you for the rat race. - Urban Saying
High School is like a spork: it's a crappy spoon and a crappy fork, so in the end it's just plain useless. - John Mayer
You never grow out of high school sadly. - Kate Bosworth
Hairstyles change, and skirt lengths, and slang, but high school administrations? Never. - Stephen King
High school, you don't want to go back and do it over again. - Marguerite Moreau
High school isn't a very important place. When you're going you think it's a big deal, but when it's over nobody really thinks it was great unless they're beered up. - Stephen King
True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. - Kurt Vonnegut
High school will always be a drama zone. It takes the strongest and smartest to know how to avoid it. - Mia Lugo
You only go through High School once, but if you go through the way we did, that's enough. - Steven C. Smith
Trust me, high school ends, you graduate and get away from all the people you never want to see again, it's all good. - Chad Michael Murray
In high school, there are so many cliques. You're never safe. - Blake Lively
High School Musical has been a blessing and a gift. - Zac Efron
High school is like purgatory. It's a cesspool of hormones and emotion. And everyone is looking for a life raft. - Melissa Jane Osborne
Famous at high school is like being employee of the month at the sanitation department. - Orson Scott Card
High School. Society’s bright idea to put all their aggressive, naive youth into one environment to torment and emotionally scar each other for life. - Chris Colfer
High school is about finding who you are, because that's more important than trying to be someone else. - Nick Jonas
No man wants his daughter to be the kind of girl whom he liked in high school. - J. Richard Singleton
High school is neither a democracy nor a dictatorship - nor, contrary to popular belief, an anarchic state. High school is a divine-right monarchy. - John Green
Let's face it. No kid in high school feels as though they fit in. - Stephen King
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