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Helicopter is a fantastic. It's fast, it's always mobile and magnificent. This is a collection of 12 Helicopter quotes and sayings.

The helicopter is evidence of how man's imagination can be given physical form. - Howard A. Wheeler
Helicopters make everything better. - Gage Munroe
The badness of a movie is directly proportional to the number of helicopters in it. - Dave Barry
The helicopter approaches closer than any other (vehicle) to fulfillment of mankind's ancient dream of the flying horse and the magic carpet. - Igor Sikorsky
Helicopters are multi-mission machines, one of the most important missions they have, are saving lives. - Rossi Morreale
Helicopters don't fly, they vibrate so badly the ground rejects them. - Tom Clancy
The helicopter has never achieved much success and . . .may be classes with the ornithopter as obsolete. - Oliver Stewart
The helicopter appeared so reluctant to fly forward that we even considered turning the pilot's seat around and letting it fly backward. - Igor Sikorsky
A helicopter is piloted with precision and not by chance. - Anonymous
From a little boat, to a big boat, to a helicopter, to an airplane. - Kevin Johnson
In covering breaking news, there's no better way than using a helicopter. - Zoey Tur
A money-financed tax cut is essentially equivalent to Milton Friedman's famous 'helicopter drop' of money. - Ben Bernanke
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