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15+ Beautiful Lily Quotes

Lily is one of the most beautiful and well known flower all over the world. Most of the lilies are white. They are also found in mixed colors. Lily is widely present in poetry and literature. This is a collection of 17 beautiful Lily quotes and sayings.

Look to the lilies how they grow! - David Macbeth Moir
To me she looked like a lily, an innocence floating in the pond! - Avijeet Das
A lily or a rose never pretends, and its beauty is that it is what it is. - Jiddu Krishnamurti
As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. - Solomon Ibn Gabirol
Faith is like a lily, lifted high and white. - Christina Rossetti
Fair as a lily, and not only the pride of life, but the desire of his eyes. - Charlotte Bronte
There is a garden in her eyes, where roses and white lilies flow. - Thomas Campion
A pure drop of rain may fall on a beautiful water lily or on a dirty mud pond! This is exactly what happens when we are born! - Mehmet Murat Ildan
Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds. - William Shakespeare
Your name is written on my heart, Lily. - Nalini Singh
The lily is all in white, like a saint, And so is no mate for me. - Thomas Hood
To gild refined gold, to paint the lily... is wasteful and ridiculous excess. - William Shakespeare
Time is jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses. - Oscar Wilde
Lily white’s petals are at my feet anticipating the moment in which adventure and odyssey meet. - Delano Johnson
A little rain will fill The lily's cup which hardly moistens the field. - Edwin Arnold
You only see the top of a lily pad, but if you pull the lily pad out of the water, it has roots and tangled weeds and all the stuff that comes with it. - Trevor Hall
What Lily craved was the darkness made by enfolding arms, the silence which is not solitude, but compassion holding its breath. - Edith Wharton
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