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20 Superficial Quotes

Superficial is something appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely. Many things in life are Superficial. This is a collection of 20 quotes on superficial and superficial sayings.

Superficial goals lead to superficial results. - Attila the Hun
Pain is superficial, and therefore fear is. The torments of martyrdoms are probably most keenly felt by the by-standers. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Superficial people find the extraordinary fascinating, and profound people find the ordinary riveting. - Julian Barbour
Superficial knowledge breeds arrogance; true knowledge induces humility. - Yasir Qadhi
Failures are like skinned knees, painful but superficial. - Ross Perot
If looks help, that's great, but we don't want it to be the featured thing. It's totally superficial. - Morten Harket
Most men are petrified of standing out in any way or being thought superficial. - Russell Smith
Only superficial minds approach an idea with delicacy. - Emile M Cioran
Don't buy into a superficial reality. It has an expiration date. - Truth Devour
Superficial observers have long criticized the United States for making a fetish of youth. This is unfair. Uniquely among modern organs of public and private administration, its national legislature rewards senility. - John Kenneth Galbraith
It is the nature of truth in general, as of some ores in particular, to be richest when most superficial. - Edgar Allan Poe
The difference between people and ideas is... only superficial. - Richard Rorty
Image is powerful, but image is also superficial. - Cameron Russell
Fashion is not superficial; it is a dynamic tool to transform oneself, and it can be used to command the attention of those around you. - Christian Siriano
To have an opinion about somebody you've never met before is pretty superficial. - Heather Mills
It's nice to have material things but they're very superficial aren't they? - Mark Addy
A man's character never changes radically from youth to old age. What happens is that circumstances bring out characteristics which have not been obvious to the superficial observer. - Hesketh Pearson
Beauty shouldn't be superficial and should come from within, and your eyes will tell the story. - Michelle Yeoh
There's nothing more superficial to do than to paint a beautiful woman. - Fernando Botero
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