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A rivalry is an act of competition. Rivalry often brings only sorrow but also a source of personal development. This is a collection of 29 rivalry quotes and sayings.

Rivalry discovers that courtesy overlooks. - Baltasar Gracián
The only competition worthy a wise man is with himself. - Anna Jameson
Records don’t mean anything in rivalry games. - Dez Bryant
The rivalry is with yourself. I try to be better than is possible. I fight against myself, not against the other. - Luciano Pavarotti
Mothers and daughters have that rivalry thing. - Gretchen Wilson
Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry. - Beth Moore
Rivalry and envy are Siamese twins. - Josh Billings
Rivalry of scholars advances wisdom. - Hebrew Proverb
Rivalry adds so much to the charms of one's conquests. - Louisa May Alcott
Emulation is not rivalry. Emulation is the child of ambition; rivalry is the unlovable daughter of envy. - Honore de Balzac
Rivalry is the life of trade, and the death of the trader. - Elbert Hubbard
Hopefully, we can build a rivalry and we'll be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions. - Serena Williams
Experience has shown how deeply the seeds of war are planted by economic rivalry and social injustice. - Harry S. Truman
Rivalry doesn't help anybody. - Peter Jackson
Such seems to be the disposition of man, that whatever makes a distinction produces rivalry. - Samuel Johnson
Love is a usually force able of transforming an rivalry into friend. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
The ruling classes today nourish the conviction that national hatreds and rivalries are inevitable. - Charles Trevelyan
It is the privilege of posterity to set matters right between those antagonists who, by their rivalry for greatness, divided a whole age. - Joseph Addison
Feeling is the consciousness of the resulting conditions - of success, failure, equilibrium, compromise or balance, in this continuous rivalry of ideas. - James Mark Baldwin
No woman has ever existed who did not know perfectly well in her heart what to expect from the superiority or inferiority of a rival. - Honore de Balzac
Every one of us possesses a gene predisposing us toward rivalry, competition, and fits of envy with any past, present, or future siblings. - Linda Sunshine
Rivalry causes us to overemphasize old opportunities and slavishly copy what has worked in the past. - Peter Thiel
A truly beautiful woman is always good and the other women, and to people in general. She rejects rivalry, intrigue and dirty tricks. - Sharon Stone
Service rivalry leads to service pride, which is good for building morale and esprit. - Anthony Zinni
Righteousness is a fuel that, when it has some pitch in it of ambitious rivalry and the damper's left open to envy's draught, makes a hot enough fire to cook somebody's goose in quite a hurry. - Ardyth Kennelly
Great rivalries don't have to be built on hatred. They're built on respect, on a respect for excellence. - Mike Krzyzewski
It is safer and wiser to cure unhealthy rivalry than to suppress it. - Obafemi Awolowo
If you're opposites, you complement each other; you aren't jealous. Just annoyance and fighting, as opposed to rivalry. - Matthew Friedberger
With the dead there is no rivalry, with the dead there is no change. - Thomas B. Macaulay
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