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30+ Revival Quotes

Revival refers to the act of being revived. Revival can be of any aspect. Mental revival refers to wisdom. This is a collection of 32 revival quotes and sayings.

A revival means days of heaven upon earth. - David Lloyd-Jones
Revival is not just an emotional touch; it's a complete takeover! - Nancy Leigh Demoss
Any true revival can be proven by the fact that it changed the moral climate of an area or nation. - Leonard Ravenhill
Revival brings back a holy shock to apathy and carelessness. - Winkie Pratney
When is a revival needed? When carelessness and unconcern keep the people asleep. - Billy Sunday
We have to have a revival of the concept 'truth matters.' - Charlie Sykes
Every true revival from that day to this has had its earthly origin in prayer. - R. A. Torrey
Prayer begets Revival, which begets more prayer. - Jim Cymbala
Revival lies in repentance. - Lailah Gifty Akita
They tell me a revival is only temporary; so is a bath, but it does you good. - Billy Sunday
As long as we are content to live without revival, we will. - Leonard Ravenhill
When is a revival needed? When carelessness and unconcern keep the people asleep. - Billy Sunday
With a revival, you're compared to somebody else. - Kelli O'Hara
Revival is a Spirit-filled community of believers. It is a community of believers who have been filled with the Spirit and are continuing to live in the fullness of the Spirit. - Rob Reimer
Forget revival; It's time for a spiritual revolution of revelation! - John M Sheehan
Revival is not the discovery of some new truth. - Sammy Tippit
Your time is a time of revival. It has its signs. - Sunday Adelaja
A basic sign of revival is that the wind is allowed to blow where it will. - Jim Cymbala
Prayer is the Fuel for Revival Fire! - Joe Joe Dawson
The beauty of the day is the only thing that doesn't fade in time. Day after day, such beauty revives itself. - Gregory Maguire
People are ashamed to admit they need a revival. - Mordecai Ham
Surely revival delays because prayer decays. - Leonard Ravenhill
Prayer is the burden of revival; repentance is the breakthrough of revival; evangelism is the blessing of revival; holiness is the bounty of revival. - Steve Camp
A genuine revival means a trimming of personal lamps. - Theodore L. Cuyler
It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher. - George Whitefield
You have the same DNA as the greats of the past who started revivals. - Lou Engle
The only reason we don't have revival is because we are willing to live without it! - Leonard Ravenhill
The history of art is the history of revivals. - Samuel Butler
It is easier to speak about revival than to set about it. - Horatius Bonar
At the heart of every revival is the spirit of prayer. - Arthur Wallis
The depth of our repentance will determine the depth of our revival. - Frank Bartleman
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