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Replacements come when something stops working or when we need to upgrade. Replacement is very common in nature. This is a collection of quotes on replacements and replacements sayings.

The best way to find something you have lost is to buy a replacement. - Ann Landers
If king needs to be treated by psychiatrist, then the people need replacements for both. - Toba Beta
There's not going to be any one replacement for oil: we need to have hundreds of solutions to this global issue. - Craig Venter
Replace the negative traits of your character by the traits you want to have. - Sunday Adelaja
If you are capable, but not available, nature will raise a person with lesser ability to replace you soon. - Israelmore Ayivor
Security is no replacement for liberty. - Martin Firrell
To abjure the notion of the truly human is to abjure the attempt to demonize the self as a replacement for a divinized world. - Richard Rorty
Greatness starts with the replacement of hatred with polite disdain. - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Without whining and without making myself a tragic figure, there is no replacement for the loss of your privacy. It's a huge sacrifice. - David Duchovny
The highest manifestation of true leadership is to identify one’s replacement and to begin mentoring him or her. - Myles Munroe
Meditation, in the beginning, is just replacement thinking. Instead of having the usual negative things that wander around in your mind, you are replacing those with very bright images. - Frederick Lenz
No one can be a replacement for another person. That is why, farewells are always difficult. - Matsuri Hino
Books are for those without real lives, he thought. And they are no real replacement. - Jonathan Safran Foer
Willful ignorance and endless laws become the replacement for self-education and self-restraint, because ignorance and laws are easy. - Holly Lisle
It is a paradox of Life that all species breed past mere replacement. Any paradise of plenty soon fills to become paradise no more. - David Brin
The replacement of negative thought with positive thought brings about a spiritual and physical change that can heal. - Betty Shine
The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. - Malcolm Forbes
Learning is the gradual replacement of fantasy with fact. - Gifford Pinchot
Art is always the replacement of indifference by attention. - Guy Davenport
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