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Reminder is the light of true life. Reminders keeps us in the right track. Reminders tech us to be cautious about taking decisions. This is a collection of 38 reminder quotes and sayings.

Perhaps we just need little reminders from time to time that we are already dignified, deserving, worthy. - Jon Kabat-Zinn
It's a reminder of one of the greatest lessons of all: live as if you'll live forever, but live each day as if it were your last. - Mark Richardson
Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together. - Brene Brown
Sitting alone, listening to the sound of your breath, the beating of your heart is a reminder that you are sacred and blessed. - Iyanla Vanzant
A broken heart is a reminder of our only source of power. - Elisabeth Elliot
People of the world will reject your reminders, because it reminds them that this world is temporary. - Hamza Yusuf
Feeling irritated, restless, afraid, and hopeless is a reminder to listen more carefully. - Pema Chodron
Occasionally, we are given a reminder of how precious a gift it is to understand the plan of salvation. - John Bytheway
Islands are reminders of arrivals and departures. - Gretel Ehrlich
The life, when we're aware of beauty, is kind of a bittersweet thing, it's a transient reminder of eternal beauty, which someday we will be face to face with. - Jon Foreman
Men are sort of doofuses about sunscreen, and for the most part, women are more inclined to take better care of themselves, but a reminder is always good for everyone. - Landon Donovan
An anniversary is a reminder as to why you love and married this person. - Zoe Foster Blake
Whatever you are struggling with, is a reminder for you to find your true purpose in this lifetime. - Deepak Chopra
It's always good to get a wake-up call and a reminder that you can't just go there and collect medals. - Marit Bjorgen
Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed. - Samuel Johnson
Thankfully, the nature of pain reminds us of what the ease of pleasure foolishly allows us to forget. - Craig D. Lounsbrough
Always look at all the award not so much as a symbol of your personal success, but as a reminder of the responsibility that you have towards the world, you live in. - Dr Prem Jagyasi
Painful experiences are like scars in our minds. Some have healed and been forgotten. Others are there as a reminder of what we have been through. - James A. Murphy
Leaving the people and places you love, is a reminder of the impermanence of this life. And the permanence of the next. - Yasmin Mogahed
Multiculturalism is a good reminder that when standards are relative, there are no standards at all. - Victor Davis Hanson
Libraries are reservoirs of strength, grace and wit, reminders of order, calm and continuity, lakes of mental energy, neither warm nor cold, light nor dark. - Germaine Greer
Sometimes we need the salt of tears to remind us how to savor the sweetness of life. - Lysa TerKeurst
Ages are mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth and the precious time remaining. - Casper Smart
The circle is a reminder that each moment is not just the present, but is inclusive of our gratitude to the past and our responsibility to the future. - Kazuaki Tanahashi
Every once in a while, you need a reminder of how people see you, view you. - Kenny Stills
History is a grim reminder of what happens to those who think they have no law but themselves. - Ravi Zacharias
It is the mission of art to remind man from time to time that he is human, and the time is ripe, just now, today, for such a reminder. - Ben Shahn
Pain can be a haunting reminder to appreciate every waking moment. - Lecrae
Scars are reminders of the obstacles we've overcome. Wear them proudly. - Ashton Kutcher
Setting goals is the first important step in achieving success in an activity. It's a reminder of what you are working towards. - Peter Vanderkaay
Laughter and irony are at heart reminders that we are not prisoners in this world, but voyagers through it. - Eben Alexander
Every mortal birth is a heaven-given reminder to prepare for the second birth. - Bruce R. McConkie
In the particular presence of memorable language we can find a reminder of our ability to know and retain knowledge itself: the brightness wherein all things come to see. - Robert Pinsky
Light, the visible reminder of Invisible Light. - John Green
Pride dries the tears of anger and vexation; humility, those of grief. The one is indignant that we should suffer; the other calms us by the reminder that we deserve nothing else. - Sophie Swetchine
The reminder that there are people who have worse troubles than you is not an effective pain-killer. - Mary Astor
Just a reminder, what other people think of you is none of your business. - Ze Frank
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