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30+ Questioning Quotes

Questioning is the purest form of the search for knowledge. Questioning empowers us more than anything. Questioning reveals everything. This is a collection of 32 quotes and sayings on questioning.

Art is the questioning of culture. - Gerard Mortier
Questioning the ostensibly unquestionable premises of our way of life is arguably the most urgent of services we owe our fellow humans and ourselves. - Zygmunt Bauman
A free, analytical and questioning press must be helped survive. - Xavier Niel
Questioning is the piety of thought. - Martin Heidegger
Under questioning, a terrorist should be made to yield. - Ami Ayalon
The first key to wisdom is assiduous and frequent questioning. - Peter Abelard
You should always be questioning your government, but do not become cynical. - Pete Visclosky
Questioning anything and everything, to me, is punk rock. - Henry Rollins
There is a real patriotism underneath the best of my music but it is a critical, questioning and often angry patriotism. - Bruce Springsteen
Original thought, original artistic expression is by its very nature questioning, irreverent, iconoclastic. - Salman Rushdie
Anytime you make big plans, you have people questioning what you're doing. - Tim Armstrong
It's the life of an actor to always be questioning, always be wondering. There is no occupation in the world less dependable. - Louise Linton
A free, analytical and questioning press must be helped survive. - Xavier Niel
Questioning our stressful thoughts, we come to see they're not true. - Byron Katie
No simplicity of mind, no obscurity of station, can escape the universal duty of questioning all that we believe. - William Kingdon Clifford
Questioning is not the mode of conversation among gentlemen. - Samuel Johnson
The very act of questioning whether you exist proves you do, because you must be there for the doubt to be entertained in the first place. - Julian Baggini
Respect authority while questioning it. - Randy Pausch
If it's worth listening to, it's worth questioning until you understand it. - Seth Godin
Disability doesn't make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does. - Stella Young
Questioning growth is deemed to be the act of lunatics, idealists and revolutionaries. But question it we must. - Tim Jackson
Whenever you are questioning a person's desire for something, consider what he does, not necessarily what he says. - Socrates
The path to holiness lies through questioning everything. - M. Scott Peck
The questioning spirit is the rebellious spirit. A rebellion is always either a cloak to hide a prince, or the swaddling wrapper of a new rule. - Honoré de Balzac
The second you stop questioning yourself is the second that you become the monster. - Laurell K. Hamilton
Openly questioning the way the world works and challenging the power of the powerful is not an activity customarily rewarded. - Dale Spender
Questioning the nature and implications of liminal instances necessarily involves failure, if only in the specifically technical sense of entering spaces where prevailing criteria of success scarcely apply. - Brian Ferneyhough
Men accept without questioning that this world is real and important and worthwhile. This is faith. Philosophy is the ongoing questioning of this faith. - Josiah Royce
In the realm of human destiny, the depth of man's questionings is more important than his answers. - André Malraux
Never stop doubting , never stop questioning, never ever assume you have all the answers. - Neale Donald Walsch
As soon as a norm is established, people start questioning it, which is probably a good thing in the end. - Robyn Hitchcock
By doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth. - Peter Abelard
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