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Pushover usually refers to a person who is easy to overcome or influence. Pushover also means trying in which one side in a scrum pushes the ball over the opponents' goal line. This is a collection of 16 quotes on pushover and pushover sayings.

Life's too short to be a pushover. - Kelly Clarkson
Do not let people put you down. Believe in yourself and stand for yourself and trust yourself. - Urban Sayings
If you're not confident, people push you around. That's it. It's super-simple. - Linda Perry
One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people step on him. - Immanuel Kant
As a team, you try to win - you try to push in as many overs you can - but that's how it's played. - K. L. Rahul
What you allow is what will continue. - Urban Sayings
Learn the art of saying no. Don't lie. Don't make excuses. Don't over-explain yourself. Just simply decline. - Urban Sayings
Competitiveness is a personality thing and competitive people don't become pushovers the day they turn fifty. - Hale Irwin
The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs are, generally, easily influenced by the opinion of others. - Napoleon Hill
It's easy to think that people will like you more if you do whatever they tell you to do, but it's quite the opposite. People don't appreciate pushovers - they use them. - Osayi Osar-Emokpae
Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do. - Irma Kurtz
Mind over matter. Weak minded people are easily influenced. Strong minded people you can't break their will. - Lee Boyd Malvo
An aggressor will always push forward and do more until he meets resistance. We've seen that time and time again over history. - Mac Thornberry
The aging process is not gradual or gentle. It rushes up, pushes you over, and runs off laughing. No one should grow old who isn't ready to appear ridiculous. - John Mortimer
Human beings thrive on imagination and pushing boundaries and limitations. Imposing limits when we don't actually have any true idea of what's possible is like imposing a steel trap over the mind. - Kameron Hurley
You just don't know in life. Life knocks you about and pushes you over boundaries. But be ready. Do your homework; that's all I can say. - Julie Andrews
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