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Promiscuous means demonstrating or implying an un-selective approach; indiscriminate or casual. This is a collection of 23 quotes on promiscuous and promiscuous sayings.

Even the promiscuous feel pain. - Warren Beatty
All living languages are promiscuous. - Rabih Alameddine
Though we live amid promiscuous pressures, spiritual clutter and forgetfulness, we probably still value the integrity of life. - Baker Brownell
In its wild state, the truth is fluid, slippery, vagrant, scrambled, promiscuous, kaleidoscopic, and beautiful. - Rob Brezsny
You can be very promiscuous in your research, but not in your trading. - William Eckhardt
Promiscuous reading is necessary to the constituting of human nature. - John Milton
Some affixes are wildly promiscuous. - Donna Jo Napoli
Promiscuity is the death of love. - Edna O'Brien
Once is a man's life, for one mortal moment, he must make a grab for immorality; if not; he has not lived. - Sylvester Stallone
It's been liberating to be able to play someone who's a bada– or promiscuous, because that's the opposite of who I am … It's like a drug. - Jessica Alba
The search for pleasure is circular, repetitive, atemporal. - Ursula K. Le Guin
And why do so many people wilfully exhaust their strength in promiscuous living, when their wives are on hand from bridal night till old age - to be taken when required, like fish from a private pond. - Ihara Saikaku
The medium's gaze is brief, intense, and promiscuous. The shelf life of the moral causes it makes its own is brutally short. - Michael Ignatieff
Either one is promiscuous or in a relationship - it cannot be both at the same time. - Abhijit Naskar
Like the bee its sting, the promiscuous leave behind them in each encounter something of themselves by which they are made to suffer. - Cyril Connolly
Democracy is perhaps the most promiscuous word in the world of public affairs. - Bernard Crick
The definition of promiscuity? One more partner than you've ever had. - Gloria Feldt
No one is promiscuous in his way of dying. A man who has decided to hang himself will never jump in front of a train. - Amos Bronson Alcott
History...a release from the troublesome promiscuous present. - Tod Wodicka
If you can allow colour to breathe, to occupy its own space, to play its own game in its unstable way, it's wanton behaviour, so to speak. It is promiscuous like nothing. - Bridget Riley
Nations with nations mix'd confusedly die, and lost in one promiscuous carnage lie. - Joseph Addison
Sight is a promiscuous sense. The avid gaze always wants more. - Susan Sontag
Knowledge is promiscuous. It mates and gives birth to more knowledge. - Alvin Toffler
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