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Not knowing is the secret of an exciting life. Not knowing is the cause of searching for wisdom and knowledge. This is a collection of quotes on not knowing and not knowing sayings.

Not knowing anything is the sweetest life. - Sophocles
The not knowing would not keep me from caring. - John Green
Not knowing how near the truth is, we seek it far away. - Hakuin Ekaku
Strange is our situation here on earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. - Albert Einstein
Really knowing is good. Not knowing, or refusing to know, is bad, or amoral, at least. You can't act if you don't know. Acting without knowing takes you right off the cliff. - Ray Bradbury
Not knowing how he lost himself, or how he recovered himself, he may never feel certain of not losing himself again. - Charles Dickens
It not knowing what to do, it's doing what you know. - Tony Robbins
Creativity is the joy of not knowing it all. - Ernie J Zelinski
There's nothing worse than waiting and not knowing what'll happen to you. Your own imagination can be crueler than any captor. - Richelle Mead
Not knowing you can't do something, is sometimes all it takes to do it. - Ally Carter
Fearlessness at twenty springs from not knowing challenges lie ahead. Fearlessness at fifty comes from having wrestled with life's challenges and learned from them. - Kathleen Turner
The difficulties of not knowing are always much greater than the effort of learning. - Andrew Loomis
People don't want to be plagued by not knowing-they want answers. - Michael Pitt
Not knowing a thing is not ignorance. Feigning knowledge you don't have can be--Sholto. - Laurell K. Hamilton
The beauty of life is not knowing. - Matisyahu
The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next. - Ursula K. Le Guin
Not knowing it was hard; knowing it was harder. - Toni Morrison
Sadness of not knowing enough words to express what you mean. - Jonathan Safran Foer
Not knowing everything is all that makes it OK, sometimes. - Neil Gaiman
Curiosity takes ignorance seriously - and is confident enough to admit when it's in the dark. It is aware of not knowing. And then it sets out to do something about it. - Alain de Botton
The real trouble comes from not knowing what we really want in the first place. - Charles de Lint
Things are always changing. Part of being successful here is being comfortable with not knowing what's going to happen. - Susan Wojcicki
For many people, loneliness was an experience of time. 'Not knowing what to do with yourself' was the way it was usually put. - Louise Bernikow
What is not worth understanding is not knowing. - Caleb
It's thrilling to be onstage and to not know, literally, what the next moment is going to bring. To just submit to the not-knowing-ness of it. - Norbert Leo Butz
A dream is a creation of the intelligence, the creator being present but not knowing how it will end. - Cesare Pavese
The unexamined life is not worth living. - Socrates
The thrill of not knowing what's going to happen, trained me to be prepared for anything. - Ariana Grande
Ignorance is not, not knowing something. It is knowing what isn't so. - Mark Twain
Not knowing whether to wait or to forget is the worst kind of suffering. - Paulo Coelho
Spiritual maturity is not knowing what to do with your whole life, but just knowing what to do next. - Henri Nouwen
Knowing is knowing that knowing is not knowing. - Moises Arias
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