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New life means to have a new thought of life. Life becomes new with a new concept of living. This is a collection of 41 quotes on new life and new life sayings.

Everyday is a new life to a wise man. - Dale Carnegie
The beginning of compunction is the beginning of a new life. - George Eliot
Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision. - Anthony Robbins
Everyone thinks that a new place or a new identity will jumpstart a new life. - Caroline Leavitt
If you want a new life, first give praise for having the old one! - Stephen Richards
You never begin a new life. It's a mistake to think that you end one part of your life and start another as if there's no continuity. - Rudy Giuliani
Perhaps there are just some things you leave behind when you choose a new life. - Andrew Davidson
No one can begin a new life, unless he repent of the old. - Saint Augustine
You make a new life by making new choices. - Sean Stephenson
If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. - Paulo Coelho
Let every dawn be to you as the beginning of life, and every setting sun be to you as its close. - John Ruskin
If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you've got to go all the way. - Lance Armstrong
There is no ascent to the heights without prior descent into darkness, no new life without some form of death. - Karen Armstrong
Every good thought, every good word, every good emotion, and every act of kindness, is lifting the vibration of your being to new heights. And as you begin to raise your vibration, a new life and a new world will reveal itself to you. - Rhonda Byrne
Every day is an opportunity for a new life. Every day you stand at the tipping point of your life. And on any one day you can change the future – through the way that you feel. - Rhonda Byrne
Don't hold together what must fall apart. The familiar life crumbles so the new life can begin. - Bryant H. McGill
It's a very satisfying feeling for everyone involved into giving bands a new life - for me, the artists, and the audience. - Veronica Vasicka
There is always new life trying to emerge in each of us. Too often we ignore the signs of resurrection and cling to part of life that have died for us. - Joan D. Chittister
One cannot start a new life, you can only continue the old one. - Imre Kert├ęsz
Religion means living your own life, completely fresh and new, without being taken in by anyone. - Kodo Sawaki
We're old souls in a new life baby. They gave us a new life To live and learn. - Paul Williams
Never, ever, ever think that your life is over, but know always that each day, each hour, each moment is another beginning, another opportunity, another chance to re-create yourself anew. - Neale Donald Walsch
For me, Chess is life and every game is like a new life. Every chess player gets to live many lives in one lifetime. - Eduard Gufeld
The responsibility of carrying and bringing a new life into this world is one that cannot be taken lightly. - Gloria Estefan
It is man's destiny to ponder on the riddle of existence and, as a byproduct of his wonderment, to create a new life on this earth. - Charles Kettering
In giving of yourself, you will discover a whole new life full of meaning and love. - Cesar Chavez
The mark of a good party is that you wake up the next morning wanting to change your name and start a new life in a different city. - Vance Bourjaily
A new life begins for us with every second. Let us go forward joyously to meet it. We must press on, whether we will or not, and we shall walk better with our eyes before us than with them ever cast behind. - Jerome K. Jerome
The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life; anxiety takes you in circles, trust in yourself and become free. - Leon Brown
You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life. - Daisaku Ikeda
Ready for a new life. - Sylvia Plath
Knowing when it is over is the beginning of a new life and the end of an old one! - Michael Penn
A lasting solution, the possibility to begin a new life, is the only dignified solution for the refugee himself. - Poul Hartling
Originality is not doing something no one else has ever done, but doing what has been done countless times with new life, new breath. - Marie Chapian
A confession has to be part of your new life. - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Everyone thinks that a new place or a new identity will jump start a new life. - Caroline Leavitt
Words can not express the joy of new life. - Hermann Hesse
Every morning we begin our new life with new joy. So let it be beautiful. - Debasish Mridha
When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed. - Joseph Campbell
You don't need a new life, just a new lens through which to view the one you have. - Marianne Williamson
The seed dies into a new life, and so does man. - George MacDonald
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