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Monarchy is a common form of governance. Monarchy is historical and one of the oldest concepts of governance and rule. British Monarchy is the oldest ruling Monarchy in the world. This is a collection of 17 quotes on monarchy and monarchy sayings.

The monarchy unites us; the republic would divide us. - Francesco Crispi
The trappings of a monarchy would set up an ordinary commonwealth. - Samuel Johnson
The monarchy is a part of the state. It exists to serve the people. - Heather Brooke
Monarchy degenerates into tyranny, aristocracy into oligarchy, and democracy into savage violence and chaos. - Polybius
Power swells the head and shatters the crown. - Stewart Stafford
One advantage of a monarchy is that a monarchy does not suffer the effects of having great clots of white Christians moping around simply because they aren't the king or queen. - Calvin Trillin
For every monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A republic is ugliness set free. - Anatole France
The right kind of monarchy is one where everybody goes about with the permanent conviction that the king can do no wrong. - Gilbert K. Chesterton
The monarchy is finished. It was finished a while ago, but they're still making the corpses dance. - Sue Townsend
If monarchy is corrupting - and it is - wait till you see what overt empire does to us. - Daniel Ellsberg
Monarchy considers man in his ties with society; a republic considers man independently of his relations to society. - Louis de Bonald
Royalty is a government in which the attention of the nation is concentrated on one person doing interesting actions. - Walter Bagehot
The aim of my life is the overthrow of monarchy. - Karl Liebknecht
In chess, bigamy is acceptable but monarchy is absolute. - Garry Kasparov
The tendency of an advanced civilization is in truth monarchy. - Benjamin Disraeli
An aristocracy is the true support of a monarchy. - Napoleon Bonaparte
Citizenship is what makes a republic - monarchies can get along without it. - Mark Twain
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