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30 Modesty Quotes

Modesty is a great virtue. Modesty is important to be widely accepted. This is a collection of 30 quotes on modesty and modesty sayings.

Modesty is the color of virtue. - Diogenes
Modesty is invisibility. Never forget it. To be seen to be seen is to be penetrated. What you must be girls, is impenetrable. - Margaret Atwood
Modesty should be typical of the success of a champion. - Major Taylor
The delicate balance between modesty and conceit is popularity. - Max Beerbohm
Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue. - Joseph Addison
False modesty can be worse than arrogance. - David Mitchell
Modesty forbids what the law does not. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca
With people of limited ability modesty is merely honesty. But with those who possess great talent it is hypocrisy. - Arthur Schopenhauer
Modesty is the delicate form of hypocrisy. - Remy de Gourmont
Modesty answers not the crude how of femininity, but the beautiful why. - Wendy Shalit
So rare is the union of beauty with modesty. - Juvenal
The proud man can learn humility, but he will be proud of it. - Mignon McLaughlin
A great man is always willing to be little. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Modesty is only arrogance by stealth. - Terry Pratchett
Although modesty is natural to man, it is not natural to children. Modesty only begins with the knowledge of evil. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it. - Oliver Herford
Endless effort, endless humility, endless modesty. - Rain
Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise. - Philip Stanhope
Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue. - Joseph Addison
The thunder of false modesty was deafening. - Sebastian Faulks
True it is that covetousness is rich, modesty starves. - John Milton
Modesty seldom resides in a breast that is not enriched with nobler virtues. - Oliver Goldsmith
Sincerity is not a spontaneous flower nor is modesty either. - Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Modesty is good. But not when it comes at the cost of honesty. - Kangana Ranaut
Modesty used to be considered a natural female attribute. No more. - Linda Chavez
In life humility is not a handicap, arrogance is not a strength. - Dr T.P.Chia
He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good. - Confucius
Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue. - John Kenneth Galbraith
Loquacity storms the ear, but modesty takes the heart. - Robert South
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