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Misfit is not always bad. Being misfit gives you the chance to explore more fits. This is a collection of 21 quotes on misfit and misfit sayings.

It's better to be a misfit than a one-size-fits-all! - Mandy Hale
Misfits aren't misfits among other misfits. - Barry Manilow
Misfits need a place to get away, too. All that trying to fit in is exhausting. - Sarah Addison Allen
All women are misfits. We do not fit into this world without amputations. - Marge Piercy
Misfits deal with the double-edged reality of having our differences act as the source of both our challenges as well as our successes. - Tiffany L. Jackson
If you're a misfit and feel out of place, or you don't like how you look it's okay cause someone will, but you need to love yourself. - Urban Saying
Blessed are the weird people poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters & troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes. - Jacob Nordby
You put an old Misfits record on, and it sounds like it came out yesterday. - Gerard Way
We misfits are the ones with the ability to enter grief. Death. Trauma. And emerge. - Lidia Yuknavitch
You put an old Misfits record on, and it sounds like it came out yesterday. - Gerard Way
The longer you go by yourself the weirder you get, and the weirder you get the longer you go by yourself. - Jim Shepard
A misfit is like the round peg that cannot fit into the square hole or the running river that just can’t stay still. - Pearl Zhu
If you are a misfit in one place, you will be a great fit in another. - Alan Cohen
A ‘normal person’ is what is left after society has squeezed out all unconventional opinions and aspirations out of a human being. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Anything that causes you to change who you are just to fit in is not good for you. - Tiffany L. Jackson
The land is full of the ocean's misfits. - Anthony T.Hincks
We took off for the tree line, leaving the wounded soldiers to wonder how they'd been beaten by four misfits and a horse. - Rachel Sharp
Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist's career. - E.A. Bucchianeri
Entrepreneurs are misfits to the core. They forge ahead, making their own path and always, always, question the status quo. - Maximillian Degenerez
When everybody looks at our generation of kids, they always call us the misfits - you know, like we just don't give a damn. - Kendrick Lamar
Upon the gifted among the misfits lies the burden of building new worlds. - M. Mead
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