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Humiliation is a negative thing. But sometimes humiliation sometimes ignites our soul to overcome our obstacles. This is a collection of 32 Humiliation quotes and sayings.

Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification. - John Donne
Oh, humiliation is poisonous. It's one of the deepest pains of being human. - Pierce Brosnan
Art is born of humiliation. - W. H. Auden
It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings. - Mahatma Gandhi
Humiliation scars deeper than the lash. - Tobsha Learner
All the world wondered as they witnessed... a people lift themselves from humiliation to the greatest pride. - Corazon Aquino
To write is a humiliation. - Edward Dahlberg
There is no humiliation worse than the consciousness of a wasted life. It stains the spirit, forestalls hope, and destroys any motive for action or change. - Peter Ackroyd
Humiliation is humiliation only when you choose to suffer. - Chuck Palahniuk
One man's transparency is another's humiliation. - Gerry Adams
Not to have a thing is less humiliating than to beg it. - Ali Ibn Abi Talib A.S
Losing your capital is like losing your trousers. It is a real humiliation, and one not to be soon repeated. - James Buchan
Stand up there tomorrow morning and be proud of your humiliation. - Jen Calonita
There's nothing like being a soldier for confidence or learning your limits or enduring utter humiliation. - Guy Davenport
The theme is the theme of humiliation, which is the square root of sin, as opposed to the freedom from humiliation, and love, which is the square root of wonderful. - Carson McCullers
It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings. - Mahatma Gandhi
Humiliation sets armies marching, empires falling, breaks hearts and minds and souls. - Janet Morris
When a man mourns for someone who has played him false, it is not for love of her, but for his own humiliation at not having deserved her trust. - Cesare Pavese
There is only one certain test of the virtue and that is humiliation. The acceptance of humiliation alone shows the depth and reality of our humility. - Nivard Kinsella
Avoiding humiliation is the core of tragedy and comedy. - John Guare
Not knowing humiliation, you are ignorant of what it is to arrive at the last stage of yourself. - E M Cioran
Every situation of justice is an occasion where someone is being humiliated and they want to restore their dignity. - Desmond Tutu
We learn humility through accepting humiliations cheerfully. - Mother Teresa
There is no humiliation more abusive than hunger. - Pranab Mukherjee
It’s not the pain and the wounds that are the worst... The worst is the humiliation. - Pascal Mercier
The greatest humiliation in life, is to work hard on something from which you expect great appreciation, and then fail to get it. - E. W. Howe
The only key to greatness is humiliation; self or public. - Abhayadev
Pain and humiliation is always amusing when it happens to someone else. - Eileen Cook
Feeling my own humiliation in my heart like the sharp prick of a needle. - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
With any recovery from morbidity there must go a certain healthy humiliation. - Gilbert K. Chesterton
Intelligence has many shades, but rage is the same colour everywhere. Humiliation tastes the same to everyone. - Paul Hoffman
Do not confuse humility with humiliation. - Alan Cohen
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