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12 Harassment Quotes

Harassment is a common social problem. There can be different forms of harassment disturbing the society. This is a collection of 12 quotes and sayings on Harassment.

Harassment is one of puberty's darkest, most unreported rites of passage. - Rachel Simmons
Harassment is about power---the undue exercise of power by a superior over a subordinate. - Michael Crichton
Intimidation, harassment and violence have no place in a democracy. - Mo Ibrahim
There is no kind of harassment that a man may not inflict on a woman with impunity in civilized societies. - Denis Diderot
Harassment is not respecting others values, thoughts and believes.
A compliment makes someone feel good about themselves. A catcall is harassment. - Laura Bates
Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men's eyes when deciding what provokes it. - Naomi Wolf
The blatant harassment of electromagnetic radiation researchers should be expected to be a feature of transitioning out of the energy based economies. - Steven Magee
If you see harassment happening, speak up. Being harassed is terrible; having bystanders pretend they don't notice is infinitely worse. - Celeste Ng
The harassment and the bullying that students face is a learned behavior. - Sarah McBride
The solution to 'on-line harassment' is simple: women should log off. - Steve Bannon
The days of foot-in-the-door harassment and snatched photos are gone. - Rebekah Brooks
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