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Downfalls are part of life. they teaches us valuable lessons. downfalls are sometimes more precious than gains. This is a collection of 20+ quotes and sayings on Downfall.

Our sins are our downfall. - Lailah Gifty Akita
Downfall, failure and death cannot be far from any man who made counterfeit friends his ally and support. - Bamigboye Olurotimi
Some stumbles are not intended for our downfall; they’re just warning signals telling us to be more careful. - Vincent Okay Nwachukwu
The straight line leads to the downfall of humanity. - Friedensreich Hundertwasser
He who prides himself upon wealth and honor hastens his own downfall. - Laozi
Displaying riches and titles with pride brings about one's downfall. - Laozi
The ambition and focus that propel you to success can also be your downfall. - Judy Smith
Your soulmate can also be your downfall. - Guillaume Musso
Complacency will be the architecture of your downfall. - Jeremy Gutsche
Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall. - Michael Bassey
Conceit may bring about one's own downfall. - Aesop
When your outgo exceeds your income, the upshot may be your downfall. - Paul Harvey
Someone's writing down your mistakes, someone's documenting your downfall. - Nicole Blackman
Our downfall as a species is that we are arrogant enough to think that we can control Mother Nature and stupid enough to think it is our job. - Greg Peterson
A man's pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance. - Bear Grylls
Never practice something you're good at. All it will lead to is one major strength with many downfalls. - Behdad Sami
National injustice is the surest road to national downfall. - William E. Gladstone
To be too knowing is a downfall. - Laura Linney
My downfall raises me to infinite heights. - Napoleon Bonaparte
It is the downfall of evil, that it never sees far enough ahead. - Orson Scott Card
A world revolution to a higher social order, a world order, or utter downfall lies before us all. - H. G. Wells
Most men need their wives to need them, and I've seen that lead to their downfall. - Laird Hamilton
Your very success is what's going to destroy you. The survival mechanism that you've developed is the very thing which will cause the downfall of your subtle physical body. - Frederick Lenz
Public downfalls are more painful and humiliating than private ones. - Jane Velez-Mitchell
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