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Argument is what we present to defend our believes and thoughts. Arguments are what we think reason of our wants. This is a collection of 35 Argument quotes and sayings.

Arguments are often like melodramas, they have a predictable beginning, middle, and end. - Gay Hendricks
Argument need not be heated; it can be punctuated with courteous smiles,or sympathetic tears. - J. Sidlow Baxter
The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. - Joseph Joubert
Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. - Edward de Bono
The best way to win an argument is to begin by being right. - Jill Ruckelshaus
In argument similes are like songs in love; they describe much, but prove nothing. - Franz Kafka
The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. - Dale Carnegie
Arguments have no chance against petrified training; they wear it as little as the waves wear a cliff. - Mark Twain
Silence is argument carried out by other means. - Che Guevara
Arguments are to be avoided: they are always vulgar and often convincing. - Oscar Wilde
Arguments cannot be answered by personal abuse; there is no logic in slander, and falsehood, in the long run, defeats itself. - Robert G. Ingersoll
Behind every argument is someone's ignorance. - Louis D. Brandeis
Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance. - Robert Quillen
Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. - Josh Billings
Arguments only confirm people in their own opinions. - Booth Tarkington
Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff. - Marcus Tullius Cicero
We must reinforce argument with results. - Booker T. Washington
Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders than the arguments of its opposers. - William Penn
Convincing yourself doesn't win an argument. - Robert Half
In argument, truth always prevails finally; in politics, falsehood always. - Walter Savage Landor
The argument of the strongest is always the best. - Jean de La Fontaine
Men's arguments often prove nothing but their wishes. - Charles Caleb Colton
Be able to defend your arguments in a rational way. Otherwise, all you have is an opinion. - Marilyn vos Savant
Arguments are healthy. They clear the air. - John Deacon
After an argument, silence may mean acceptance or the continuation of resistance by other means. - Mason Cooley
A mature society understands that at the heart of democracy is argument. - Salman Rushdie
Anger is never without an argument, but seldom with a good one. - George Savile
Nothing requires a greater effort of thought than arguments to justify the rule of non-thought. - Milan Kundera
The sounder your argument, the more satisfaction you get out of it. - E. W. Howe
If you are ignorant, you certainly can get into some interesting arguments. - Herbert V. Prochnow
When you let someone else win an argument, often you both end up winners. - Richard Carlson
Emotions may win arguments, but they don't win wars. - Kathleen Troia McFarland
For your own good is a persuasive argument that will eventually make a man agree to his own destruction. - Janet Frame
Arguments, like men, are often pretenders. - Plato
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