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35 Villain Quotes

Villains are interesting. They are unpredictable , mean and cruel. But the story ends when the villain ends. This is a collection of 35 Villain quotes and sayings.

You know everyone loves to be the villain. - Hugh Grant
There's gotta be a villain; there's gotta be a good guy. - Christian Laettner
It's always more interesting to play the villain. - James Caan
Sometimes there is more exploration in the character for a villain. - Chris Hemsworth
One murder made a villain, Millions a hero. - Beilby Porteus
Nobody is a villain in their own story. We're all the heroes of our own stories. - George R. R. Martin
Every villain needs her story told. - Abbi Glines
'Villain' is such a harsh word. - Ed Westwick
There's no hero without a villain. - Mark Pellegrino
If you can't play the good guy, sometimes you've got to play the villain. - Ben Askren
You've got to have a villain and they'll always make me a villain. I'm used to it - it makes me work harder and it makes me fight harder. - Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
The villain of any story is often the most compelling character. - John Hodgman
Everybody loves a villain - let's face it. - Campbell Scott
With any villain, you have to see things from their point of view and understand that they think what they're doing will make the world a better place. - Joe Morton
We need the villain sometimes. It makes for an interesting story. - Rose Namajunas
Without the villain, the hero sits at home on his couch. - Mark Pellegrino
I feel like life is much greater than a hero or a villain: there's good people that sometimes make mistakes. - Peter Dinklage
It's generally more fun playing the villain. - Charlie Hunnam
It's not that fun to just play a villain, without any reasoning behind it. - Nicholas Lea
Every good villain has his or her own vulnerability. - Rita Volk
The villain drives the plot. - Gayle Lynds
Every villain is a hero in his own mind. - Tom Hiddleston
To loose is to be villain, winners never called villain
You can figure out what the villain fears by his choice of weapons. - Connie Brockway
There are only three types of citizenship: hero, villain, nobody. - Toba Beta
In an evil society a villain is the hero, because only the villain can speak the truth. - T.J. Kirk
It was easier to tell a hero from villain when the stakes were only life or death. Everything in between gets harder. - Maggie Stiefvater
No matter who you are, you always will be villain in someone story. - Ladislav Sukovsk√Ĺ
Behind every villain is a truth, whether it be perceived or actual. - Dalton Frey
That’s what Society does—spread the blame so there is no villain. - Pierce Brown
A story is only as good as its villain. - Luke Taylor
Maybe our greatest enemy isn’t the evil around us, but the evil inside us. - Ricky Maye
A hero stands up to the villain in themselves. - Ricky Maye
Tenacity runs thick in the veins of a villain. - Cheyanne Young
History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts. - Ian Fleming
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