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Valor is the virtue of victorious. Valor makes the path of win shorter. It is valor helps us win all difficulties. This is a collection of 41 valor quotes and sayings.

Valor consists in the power of self recovery. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back. - Publilius Syrus
Valor lies just halfway between rashness and cowardice. - Miguel de Cervantes
Discretion is the better part of valor. - William Shakespeare
In a false quarrel there is no true valor. - William Shakespeare
Perfect Valor is to do, without a witness, all that we could do before the whole world. - Francois de La Rochefoucauld
There is always safety in valor. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Conquest is the missionary of valor, and the hard impact of military virtues beats meanness out of the world. - Walter Bagehot
Wherever valor true is found, true modesty will there abound. - W. S. Gilbert
In valor there is hope. - Tacitus
True valor, on virtue founded strong, meets all events alike. - David Mallet
That defense alone is effectual, sure and durable which depends upon yourself and your own valour. - Niccolò Machiavelli
Perfect valor is to do without witnesses what one would do before all the world. - François de La Rochefoucauld
Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul. - Michel de Montaigne
The valor and courage of our young women and men in the armed services are a shining example to all of the world, and we owe them and their families our deepest respect. - Bill Frist
The valor that struggles is better than the weakness that endures. - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Valor is common but great souls are rare. - Bernard-Joseph Saurin
Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it until the test comes. - Carl Sandburg
Where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valor to dare to live. - Thomas Browne
Valor would cease to be a virtue, if there were no injustice. - Agesilaus II
Valor is of no service, chance rules all, and the bravest often fall by the hands of cowards. - Tacitus
A sad, wise valor is the brave complexion. - George Herbert
Who asks whether the enemy was defeated by strategy or valor? - Virgil
Distressed valor challenges great respect, even from an enemy. - Plutarch
Go on and increase in valor, O boy! this is the path to immortality. - Seneca the Younger
Tough times test your valor, persistence and ability to make decisions. They force you to fight for your dreams. - Paulo Coelho
Valor is abased by too much loftiness. - Philip Sidney
True valor is like honesty; it enters into all that a man sees and does. - Josh Billings
Some nights, valor and cold purpose aren't enough. - Janet Morris
Courage makes a man more than himself; for he is then himself plus his valor. - William Rounseville Alger
Enjoy the peace your valor won. Let independence be our boast, Ever mindful what it cost; Ever grateful for the prize, Let its altar reach the skies! - Joseph Hopkinson
Approved valor is made precious by natural courtesy. - Philip Sidney
It often happens that less depends upon the valor of an army than the skill of the leader. - Aristophanes
Courtesy wins woman all as well. As valor may, but he that closes both is perfect. - Alfred Lord Tennyson
It is not always from valor or from chastity that men are brave, and women chaste. - François de La Rochefoucauld
All else-valor, a good name, glory, everything in heaven and earth-is secondary to the charm of riches. - Horace
Let the world see that this nation can bear prosperity; and that her honest virtue in time of peace is equal to her bravest valor in time of war. - Thomas Paine
The most desirable quality in a soldier is constancy in the support of fatigue; valor is only secondary. - Napoleon Bonaparte
The first mark of valor is defense. - Philip Sidney
Fear to do base, unworthy things is valor; if they be one to us, to suffer them is valor too. - Ben Jonson
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