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Self esteem is the gem of character. Self esteem is precious. This is collection a of 33+ of self esteem quotes and saying.

Self-esteem comes quietly, like the truth. - Amity Gaige
Nothing profits more than self-esteem, grounded on what is just and right. - John Milton
Where talent is a dwarf, self-esteem is a giant. - John Petit-Senn
Productive achievement is a consequence and an expression of health and self-esteem, not its cause. - Nathaniel Branden
Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves. - Nathaniel Branden
Don't worry so much about your self-esteem. Worry more about your character. Integrity is its own reward. - Laura Schlessinger
Every new adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem. - Eric Hoffer
A person's self-esteem has nothing to do with how she looks. - Halle Berry
The first place where self-esteem begins its journey is within us. - Stephen Richards
True self-esteem comes from competence, not the other way around. - Susan Cain
Self-esteem and self-contempt have specific odors; they can be smelled. - Eric Hoffer
Fear of failure is caused by lack of self-esteem and confidence. Dealing with fear is the key to super success. - Dan Pena
Self-esteem is a powerful force within each of us... Self-esteem is the experience that we are appropriate to life and to the requirements of life. - Nathaniel Branden
The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation. - Cheryl Hughes
Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. - M. Scott Peck
Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem. - Kurt Donald Cobain
Self-esteem comes from who you have in your life. How you were raised. What you struggled with as a child. - Halle Berry
It is normal that when results are better, self-esteem grows, and improving things becomes more easier. - Massimiliano Allegri
The biggest thing you can give a kid is self-esteem, so that they're not shy to do different things. - Magnus Scheving
Resentment is weak and lowers your self-esteem. - Barbara Sher
You don't actually need confidence or good self-esteem to be successful. You just need to have courage. - Lela Loren
Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others. - Oprah Winfrey
Only make decisions that support your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth. - Oprah Winfrey
Envy is for people who don’t have the self-esteem to be jealous. - Bauvard
People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware of your potential, even if you are not. - Wayne Gerard Trotman
Never underestimate yourself. - Carolyn Mackler
Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival. - Martha Gellhorn
Accepting personal responsibility for your life frees you from outside influences – increases your self-esteem – boosts confidence in your ability to decisions – and ultimately leads to achieve success in life. - Roy T. Bennett
He who despises himself esteems himself as a self-despiser. - Friedrich Nietzsche
They are called, "SELF-worth" and "SELF-esteem" for a reason... we can't let others decide what we are worth, that is so dangerous! Empower yourself! - Jaeda DeWalt
Self-esteem isn't everything; it's just that there's nothing without it. - Gloria Steinem
What is the most important thing one learns in school? Self-esteem, support, and friendship. - Terry Tempest Williams
Talking to them was like being placed into conversational purgatory, with no hope of being released without significant damage to one's self-esteem. - Elizabeth Eulberg
Sometimes people with low self-esteem will try to punish you for caring about them. - Wayne Gerard Trotman
The most stable, and therefore, the most healthy self-esteem is based on deserved respect from others rather than on external fame or celebrity and unwarranted adulation. - Abraham H. Maslow
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