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Obey is the strength of wise man. Obey the rules, obey what you love. It's easy to get things done by obeying them. This is a collection of 22 Obey quotes and sayings.

Obey the principles without being bound by them. - Bruce Lee
Obey your head. Obey your heart. Obey your gut. In fact, obey everything except commands. - Matt Haig
Be obedient to your superior, and your inferior will obey you. - Muhammad Ali
The ship that will not obey the helm will have to obey the rocks. - English Proverb
You cannot be a true man until you learn to obey. - Robert E. Lee
Those who know the least obey the best. - George Farquhar
It is so hard to believe because it is so hard to obey. Søren Kierkegaard
There is one thing in the world more wicked than the desire to command, and that is the will to obey. - William Kingdon Clifford
Obeying from love is better than to obey from fear. - Rashi
If we are really going to learn from others, we must decide to fully obey. - Ed Townsend
It is not hard to obey when we love the one whom we obey. - Saint Ignatius
If you obey the technique to perfection, that technique will become invisible. - Alan Chadwick
The only safe ruler is he who has learned to obey willingly. - Thomas a Kempis
Obey your soul, have perfect faith in yourself. Never think of yourself with doubt or distrust, or as one who makes mistakes. - Wallace D. Wattles
The art of living consists in knowing which impulses to obey and which must be made to obey. - Sydney J. Harris
You must obey the law, always, not only when they grab you by your special place. - Vladimir Putin
To think well and to consent to obey someone giving good advice are the same thing. - Herodotus
Conscience is the root of all true courage; if a man would be brave let him obey his conscience. - James Freeman Clarke
Opportunity just exists in the air for a few minutes. If you don't obey your gut feeling right away, you've lost your chance. - Ken Hakuta
It is much safer to obey than to rule. - Thomas a Kempis
Obey your purpose above all else. - Chris Sullivan
If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. - Katharine Hepburn
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