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Mortality is the ultimate truth of life. We born to die. Every living thing has mortality. This is collection of 32 quotes and sayings on Mortality.

Mortality is very brief but immeasurably important. - Joseph B. Wirthlin
Facing your own mortality forces you to re-evaluate your priorities. - Paul Allen
Don't fear your mortality, because it is this very mortality that gives meaning and depth and poignancy to all the days that will be granted to you. - Paul Tsongas
An awareness of one's mortality can lead you to wake up and live an authentic, meaningful life. - Bernie Siegel
Mortality defines the human condition. - Drew Gilpin Faust
The most optimistic part of life is its mortality. God is a real genius. - Rana Zahid Iqbal
Accepting your own mortality is like eating your vegetables: You may not want to do it, but it's good for you. - Caitlin Doughty
To suspect your own mortality is to know the beginning of terror, to learn irrefutably that you are mortal is to know the end of terror. - Frank Herbert
Mortality is the truth we all must learn. - Marty Rubin
Sufi poetry is, in a sense, self-help poetry about how to live a decent life, how to deal with your mortality. - Mohsin Hamid
What is life but an attempt to let our immortal self defeat our mortality? - Noha Alaa El-Din
You yourself don't have to be shaken by mortal danger in order to feel your mortality. - Seamus Heaney
Mortality applies to every aspect of life. The fear of death is the driving fear of life. - Nick Tosches
Futurists get to a certain age and, as one does, they suddenly recognize their own mortality. - William Gibson
People assume that somehow fame and wealth will keep mortality at bay. - Moby
You realize mortality is everywhere. - Katey Sagal
Most of us cling to life as if our existence were a result of our deed or choice. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
If you’re mortal, all they can do to you is kill you. - Tom Holt
You have all the fears of mortals and all the desires of immortals. - Seneca
Our mortality makes it impossible for our problems to last forever. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Ignorance of mortality is a comfort. - Tennessee Williams
Mortality is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed. After a long and fruitful life, we are able to rest. Nancy Straight
When mortality is the equation, we are but pawns in a game. - Dianna Hardy
Man is mortal, and as the professor so rightly said mortality can come so suddenly. - Mikhail Bulgakov
There is only one true wealth in all the universe--living time. - Frank Herbert
The mortality of all inanimate things is terrible to me, but that of books most of all. - William Dean Howells
Mortality was never designed to torture you. It was designed to test you. - Toni Sorenson
Life is only precious because it ends, kid. - Rick Riordan
Delusion means mortality. And awareness means Buddhahood. - Bodhidharma
On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. - Chuck Palahniuk
Each of us is merely a small instrument; all of us, after accomplishing our mission, will disappear. - Mother Teresa
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