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Abstract refers to a statement that objectifies a large subject in short. Abstract should be self contained. Amny scientist, artist and even poets created abstracts of their thoughts. Abstraction is a modern concept. This is a collection of 26 abstract quotes and sayings.

Abstract words are ancient coins whose concrete images in the give and take of talk have worn away with use. - Julian Jaynes
Abstract art is uniquely modern. It is a fundamentally romantic response to modern life - rebellious, individualistic, unconventional, sensitive, irritable. - Robert Motherwell
Abstract knowledge is always useful, sooner or later. - Robert A. Heinlein
Even abstract shapes must have a likeness. - Willem de Kooning
Abstract ideas are the patterns two or more memories have in common. - Rudolf Flesch
Just as pure abstract art is not dogmatic, neither is it decorative. - Piet Mondrian
In the abstract conception of universal wrong, all concrete responsibility vanishes. - Theodor Adorno
To abstract is to draw out the essence of a matter. To abstract in art is to separate certain fundamentals from irrelevant material which surrounds them. - Julian Jaynes
You can't look at abstract art without thinking. - Patricia Cole
The abstract, unreal freedom of the liberal intellect was really nothing more than childish disobedience, amplified into anarchy. - Roger Scruton
Writing is an abstract art of drawing pictures of the conscious and subconscious mind with words. - Debasish Mridha
None of the abstract concepts comes closer to fulfilled utopia than that of eternal peace. - Theodor Adorno
The abstract has no emotional content the abstract is more powerful the more abstract it is. - Cecil Balmond
Color is for me the purest form of expression, the purest abstract reality. - Jim Hodges
There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality. - Pablo Picasso
People like abstract art because it makes them feel clever. - James Acaster
The spirit of an age may be best expressed in the abstract ideal arts, for the spirit itself is abstract and ideal. - Oscar Wilde
Evil is the product of the ability of humans to make abstract that which is concrete. - Jean-Paul Sartre
None of the abstract concepts comes closer to fulfilled utopia than that of eternal peace. - Theodor W. Adorno
To those who have exhausted politics, nothing remains but abstract thought. - Honore de Balzac
The more horrifying this world becomes, the more art becomes abstract. - Ellen Key
Idealism is no good. Any concrete dedication to an abstract condition results in unpleasant things like wars. - Thomas Pynchon
The idea of being published was such an abstract thing in the beginning. It wasn't even an option in my mind. - Anna Todd
Film is abstract, not definite. It is a dream. - Jacques Audiard
In every respect, fantasy is like doing abstract paintings. - Lance Henriksen
You have something that exists in your head, and getting that abstract thought from your head into something that actually exists is a difficult process. - Lazaro Hernandez
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