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A mission is the supreme target . A journey of achieving a goal is a mission. Life is a mission. This is a collection of 25+ quotes and sayings on Mission.

The man grows up at the same time as this mission! - Diogo Fino
When there is a mission before you, you see it from its beginning to its conclusion. - Jesse White
To see, and to show, is the mission now undertaken by Life. - Henry R. Luce
Man is not merely born to make money. But to fulfill is mission. - Lailah Gifty Akita
Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission that they are called to fulfill. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
A mission is a place where you ask non believers to come and find faith and hope and feel love. - Robert H. Schuller
We won't let you down. We will work together and successfully complete this mission. - Liu Yang
We all have a sacred mission in this world, May we respect one another more. - Maria Koszler
Vision without Mission is Lame; Mission without Vision is Blind. - Richard Marcel I.
Stay focused on the mission. - Naveen Jain
Mission first. People second. You? Last. - Chris Hutchinson
Don't lose sight of your mission trying to see it through the eyes of others. - Sanjo Jendayi
If only conversations could be more like missions. Identify the target. Get in, do the job, and get out as quickly as possible. - Lisa Cox Carter
The universal mission of all educators is to let the torch of knowledge illuminate the world. - Eraldo Banovac
Planning and perseverance will bring your mission to fruition. - Rob Liano
Make it your mission to encourage everyone who crosses your path. - Skip Prichard
Your mission in life is to determine what you believe--not to accept what someone else tells you to believe. - Peggy Toney Horton
Only a clear, focused, and common mission can hold the organization together and enable it to produce results. - Peter F. Drucker
A man begins to exist with a divine mission. - Lailah Gifty Akita
If our mission is grand & our vision is glorious, we need great values that match our ambition or else, we toil in vain. - Assegid Habtewold
Your expenses will rise to meet your increased income, unless you are on a mission. - Manoj Arora
When you are on a great mission, look simple;think and act complexly. - Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
It is not the time for you to dream, It is the time for you to accomplish the mission! - Albert Aristyo
Vision without an Action is Illusion. Action without a Vision is Confusion. - Sunny John
Entrepreneurs don’t ask for permission. They act per a mission. - Ryan Lilly
If everything is mission, nothing is mission. - Stephen Neill
As a leader, your job is to energize people around the mission and vision you've articulated. - Jack Welch
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