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Shoes shows the character of a man, elegance of a woman. Without proper shoes there can't be a proper outfit. Shoes talks more than our tongues about our self. This is a collection of 32 Shoes quotes and sayings.

A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk. - Christian Louboutin
Shoes are everything. You can tell more about a man from his shoes than his handshake, because they tell where you're going. - Brian Fallon
Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes - done. - Russell Westbrook
It's mind-altering when you slip into someone else's shoes. That's psychedelic, man. - Bryan Cranston
The right shoe can make everything different. - Jimmy Choo
It's not a good idea to match your shoes with a bag too stringently. Go for subtle similarity. - Giorgio Armani
Shoes define how you walk in the world and how you stand: like, what is your posture in life? - Kerry Washington
Shoes for men are about elegance or wealth; they are not playing with the inner character. - Christian Louboutin
What do women want? Shoes. - Mimi Pond
The shoes and the eyes are windows to a woman's spirit. - Edgardo Osorio
Shoes and clothing damage our ability to survive naked in the wilderness. - Steve Mann
A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner. - Thomas Carlyle
For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places. - Seo Min Hyun
Shit happens. Doesn't mean you have to step in it. But if you do I would buy a new pair of shoes. - Kilburn Hall
You should still wear good shoes even if your feet were made of gold. - Paul Bamikole
Shoes can't walk on their own! They therefore are grateful for the feet! Be grateful for everything that brings you life! - Mehmet Murat ildan
Let your shoes take you to where your happiness grows. - Anthony T. Hincks
The only difference between everybody and nobody is all the shoes. - Amor Towles
Most shoes are shaped as if feet were made for shoes. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The hyena found it difficult to walk in my high-heeled shoes. - Leonora Carrington
The best judge is the one who knows what is best, and has stand in the same shoes while trying to succeed in the same goal. - Bradley B. Dalina
We have the same dirt under our shoes as they do. - Stacey Lee
The only difference between everybody and nobody is all the shoes. - Amor Towles
So true. You have to have the right shoes for the occasion. - Suzanne Macpherson
Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. - Marilyn Monroe
Always wear expensive shoes. People notice. - Brian Koslow
A woman with good shoes is never ugly. - Coco Chanel
Shoes are like friends, they can support you, or take you down. - unknown
Shoes are the first adult machines we are given to master. - Nicholson Baker
Never underestimate the power of a shoe. - Giuseppe Zanotti
Unshined shoes are the end of civilization. - Diana Vreeland
If the shoe fits it's too expensive. - Adrienne Gusoff
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