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21 Running Quotes And Sayings

LIfe is fast. Life is race. One have to run. It may be a marathon, or a sprint. Running is one of the first human activities. Run , with courage. This is a collection of 21 enthusiastic quotes and sayings on Running.

As we run, we become. - Amby Burfoot
In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be. - Haruki Murakami
Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up. - Dean Karnazes
If you don’t have answers to your problems after a four-hour run, you ain’t getting them. - Christopher McDougall
Run like you stole something.
If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon. - Kathrine Switzer
Running is real and relatively simple, but it ain’t easy. - Mark Will-Weber
I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days. - Ronald Rook
Free Running Can Be Soul Freeing.
I’ll be happy if running and I can grow old together. - Haruki Murakami
Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records. - William Arthur Ward
The pain of running relieves the pain of living. - Jacqueline Simon Gunn
There will come a day when I can no longer run. Today is not that day.
A short run is better than no run. - Unknown
We run to undo the damage we’ve done to body and spirit. We run to find some part of ourselves yet undiscovered. - John Bingham
Never limit where running can take you. I mean that geographically, spiritually, and of course, physically. - Bart Yasso
Run. Because zombies will eat the untrained ones first! - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
I’ve got 99 problems, but I’m going running to ignore them all for an hour.
When your legs get tired, run with your heart. - Unknown
A runner is real when she takes the first step. - Clarissa Pinkola Estes
In ancient days running was only fast transportation method. Do Follow Your Instincts.
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