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Feeling exhausted is common. After a long working day or along year without vacation makes us exhausted. This is a collection from 40 Exhausted quotes and sayings.

Really, the measure of a man is when they're tired and exhausted. - George Eads
He who talks more is sooner exhausted. - Lao Tzu
To say I am not mentally tired in ways and exhausted in ways would be a lie. - Megan Rapinoe
I feel exhausted if I teach too long. - Dalai Lama
On an exhausted field, only weeds grow. - Henryk Sienkiewicz
Time extracts various values from a painter's work. When these values are exhausted the pictures are forgotten, and the more a picture has to give, the greater it is. - Henri Matisse
When you're at your absolute, most exhausted... That's when you have to be at the top of your game. - Bill Hader
Men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all the other alternatives. - Abba Eban
You're exhausted because you react to everything you notice. - Nitya Prakash
Rage is exciting, but leaves me confused and exhausted. - Mason Cooley
Interesting things always come from being really exhausted and really sick. - Adam Driver
A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted. You should live several lives while reading it. - William Styron
If I am exhausted, I will pamper myself, take an extra nap, eat well, take a spa treatment. - Manisha Koirala
Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted. - Albert Pike
The best time to listen to a politician is when he's on a stump on a street corner in the rain late at night when he's exhausted. Then he doesn't lie. - Theodore White
I can tell you with authority that when I'm exhausted, when I'm running on empty, I'm the worst version of myself. - Arianna Huffington
To those who have exhausted politics, nothing remains but abstract thought. - Honore de Balzac
When leaders take back power, when they act as heroes and saviors, they end up exhausted, overwhelmed, and deeply stressed. - Margaret J. Wheatley
History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. - Abba Eban
There is no being eloquent for atheism. In that exhausted receiver the mind cannot use its wings, - the clearest proof that it is out of its element. - Augustus Hare
Injustice has exhausted people but also pushed them to organize and fight back in very sophisticated ways. - Shaun King
Just a tiny bit of effort leaves me exhausted. Sometimes I just go up the stairs to my room, and I feel tired. - Ronaldo
I've got so many ideas, and sometimes the more exhausted my body gets, the more active my mind gets. - Hilary Mantel
People pulling 16-hour days on a regular basis are exhausted. They're just too tired to notice that their work has suffered because of it. - Jason Fried
If you are changing yourself with every film, you will be exhausted as an actor. - Ayushmann Khurrana
People always accuse me of making these dark, depressing movies. 'Why do you have to pick up on real issues? People are so exhausted and miserable.' - Anurag Kashyap
I am exhausted by traditional memoir. I am exhausted by the architecture of the conventional novel. - David Shields
I feel like I've exhausted guys and male friendships. - Irvine Welsh
I remember Terry being exhausted from his latest Super Bowl win and all the things that go with it. - Dan Fouts
I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted. Where is he? - Kristin Davis
In a thriving culture, you celebrate your achievements. In an exhausted one, you proclaim your disadvantages. - Tom Hollander
A soil, exhausted by the long culture of Pagan empires, was to lie fallow for a still longer period. - John Lothrop Motley
I was so exhausted after fighting for the project for five years, shooting it was like the Bataan Death March. - Tom Berenger
Women get exhausted and beat down, and you just want to cry. - Amy Chozick
After I exhausted the blues thing, I got into jazz. - Robert Quine
Upon the death of my father, our family and myself were emotionally and financially exhausted. - Sam Sheppard
The American male doesn't mature until he has exhausted all other possibilities. - Wilfrid Sheed
Do you never get exhausted being so wholly unbearable? - Tahereh Mafi
For a moment I felt joyful, and then I felt completely exhausted. - Ottessa Moshfegh
She was so exhausted. She slept. She was unaware of Tyler stifling his own grief. - Melinda Heald
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