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30+ College Friends Quotes

College friends are our sweet memories. They are like many of pearls in one oyster. They are like true gems. For many reasons we remember them, we miss them, we want to meet them. This is a nostalgic collection of 30+ College Friend quotes and sayings.

The friends you make in college are friends you'll have for life, even if you don't talk for years at a time. - Jessica Park
Ever since college, I make friends. They get married. I lose friends. - Chuck Palahniuk
When you're in college you haven't had that much life. Parents, school, assorted youth activities—that's about it. - Martha Moody
Man, all those years in college we didn’t get along, I could’ve just given you a pie and, bam, new best friend. - Melissa Tagg
And be very careful what friends you make. You never know what sort of creatures are in them colleges. - L.M. Montgomery
Our friendship had been a long-distance one since we went off to college. - Taylor Jenkins Reid
As a mental exercise I like to plan the murder of friends and colleges. - Sherlock
Next year at this time, we're going to be hanging out with some new bunch of friends we met at college. People we don't even know exist yet. - Cecily von Ziegesar
As a teenager, I'd longed to get my driver's license so I could get away from my parents. Then I'd longed to go to college to get away from the people I'd called my friends. - Kim Brooks
You dial another college friend, Dr. Saunders, and she picks up almost immediately, 'Hi! Got a shitstorm here, what’s up? - A.J. Lauer
He has no ABCD friends at college. - Jhumpa Lahiri
Life is a process in which you collect people and prune them when they stop working for you. The only exception to that rule is the friends you make in college. - Taffy Brodesser-Akner
Will Sumner was Jensen’s college best friend, Dad’s former intern, and the object of every one of my teenage fantasies. - Christina Lauren
The friends you make in college are friends you’ll have for life, even if you don’t talk for years at a time. You’ll see. - Jessica Park
My college friends thought I was stupid, crazy, and throwing away a bright future.” Jennifer". - Angela Nicoara
I gave up trying to find friends at college and befriended dead people between the margins. - Eddie Huang
Her first few years of college have not produced the kind of wild tales of rebellion or self-destructive behavior that were common among most of Blake’s friends when he was her age. - Christopher Rice
A college friend once explained that the difference Neil Young and Crazy Horse and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band was that the former made you feel as if they were really no better than you are, while the latter somehow convinces you that you can be as great as they are. - Eric Alterman
Brought home her college friends and put on. - David McCullough
Sabine’s old college friend Sylvie. She was. - Kevin Wignall
At End of my College Life I Must have to say: College Friends are One of Best Friends we ever had in Our Life. - Saud Maqood Shah
All of my main characters are based on my friends and people I met during High School and College. - Dana Journey
Why your friends who opted to take nondescript nine-to-five jobs after college were actually the smart ones. - Anonymous
In high school and college all my friends and my brother wrestled. - Verne Troyer
I had a lot of friends in high school and in college, and we had a good time. - Ricky Williams
In college, most people I knew were living in the dorms, and I wasn't, so I didn't have many friends. - Eva Gutowski
My friends love to tease me about the fact that I won't be able to drive until I'm a sophomore in college. - Noah Gray-Cabey
I am a very reserved person and have very few friends in the industry, while most of my close ones are from school and college. - Hansika Motwani
I love comedy and did a lot of comedy in college. I was in an improv comedy group with my friends. - Kevin Rahm
The people you live with at college, those first roommates often are people you're still friends with the rest of your life. - Richard Linklater
When I was 12, that's when I went to college. All my friends were 20, 21, and I was 12. It didn't even occur to me that that was strange. - Joshua Bell
A big part of why I wanted to go to college is to meet people and make friends. - Miranda Cosgrove
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