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60 Election Quotes

Election is a formal and organized choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position. Election is a democratic approach towards a nation and it's people. Election is the action of electing or the fact of being elected. This is a collection of 60 Election quotes and sayings.

Election night is the easiest time to act like a grownup. - Ron Fournier
Winning or losing of the election is less important than strengthening the country. - Indira Gandhi
Regardless of who wins, an election should be a time for optimism and fresh approaches. - Gary Johnson
In each and every election, it's your rights, it's your freedoms, it's your interests that are on the ballot. - Todd Young
Ah, political physics. Someone wins an election and, poof, they are a candidate for vice president. Ridiculous. - Mark McKinnon
Trust is not something that's given because you win an election; it's something you have to earn. - Tom Perez
The one sure way of participating in the process of nation-building is to vote on the election day. - Mohit Chauhan
The general election is not an organizational exercise - it's a mass media exercise. - Roger Stone
If you're going to try to win an election, you can't be 80 percent. You can't say, I'm for what my Democratic opponent is, for but not quite so much of it. - Pete du Pont
The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do. - Joseph Stalin
In an election, one needs both hope and audacity. - Francois Hollande
Democracy is not just an election, it is our daily life. - Tsai Ing-wen
There never is a good time for tough decisions. There will always be an election or something else. You have to pick courage and do it. Governance is about taking tough, even unpopular, decisions. - Jairam Ramesh
People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election. - Otto von Bismarck
Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods. - H. L. Mencken
To finalize, the purpose of an election is to hear the will of the people, not to fabricate votes. - Lincoln Diaz-Balart
You cannot win an election without a fight. - Tony Abbott
The fastest way for a politician to become an elder statesman is to lose an election. - Earl Wilson
The right of election is the very essence of the constitution. - Junius
You have to knock doors, make calls, and build a relationship with voters long before Election Day. - Keith Ellison
By definition, the person who learns enough to become the nominee is almost certainly the best person for the general election. - Newt Gingrich
For a politician, the long term is between now and the next election. - Edgar Fiedler
Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves. - Herbert Marcuse
Nobody ever won an election by spitting at his political opponents. - David Frum
Nobody likes a child to die or losing an election. - Barbara Bush
To me, it's a different kind of voter suppression to constantly try to make people feel like the election is over before it's even begun. - Kellyanne Conway
Election security is national security, and we have to start acting like it. - Amy Klobuchar
Weird things happen when strange men run for election. See Donald Trump for details. - Katie Hopkins
Having an election with only one candidate running is impossible. This is not a democracy. - Bhumibol Adulyadej
29. To preserve our sovereign integrity, we must prove to them nobody need tell us how to hold a clean and democratic election. - Ferdinand Marcos
People are what this election is all about. - Patty Berg
Thackeray is an institution that cannot become irrelevant because of one election. - Sharad Pawar
Anybody that's been in an election, you're always looking to get the upper hand. - Ted Yoho
Every election is hectic. - Sharad Pawar
If an election is simply a one-day snapshot of transient mass delusions, then this is not a very noble form of government. - James Bovard
Every election is important for national politics. - Amit Shah
As a scientist, the starting point is always the facts of the matter, whereas often, in politics, the starting point is how does this play in the next election. - Bill Foster
It does no good to be a conservative if you can't sell a conservative message in a general election. - Alan Wilson
This election could come down to just a handful of votes. It could come down to just one vote. - Vicky Hartzler
It seems to be impossible to hold a credible election without reforming the electoral system. - Sheikh Hasina
Oregonians have many good reasons to be proud of our election system. - Kate Brown
Losing an election is very difficult. I've lost an election myself, and it was very difficult. - Carlos Lopez-Cantera
In any election, it's important that the public perceive that the election is held fairly. - Avi Rubin
Young people - motivating them in any election is hard to do. - William M. Daley
Anytime somebody loses a presidential election, there are lots of explanations. - Chris Murphy
Newspapers can make their own judgment in terms of who they support in a general election. Our responsibility is to make a considered judgment about where the national interest lies. - Douglas Alexander
When you have an election campaign,it has to be simple and something everybody can relate to. - Andrew Lansley
Election funding is one of the biggest fault lines in our electoral system. - Atishi
There is a substantial correlation between an election year and how the market finishes. - Louis Navellier
Others may make you promises, once again, and then election after election not deliver. We will not do this. - Mangosuthu Buthelezi
I remember Nazi election propaganda posters showing a hateful Jewish face with crooked nose. - Jack Steinberger
In an election, there are no kings. - Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia
I haven't lost an election since middle school. - Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
When you turn an election into a three-ring circus, there’s always a chance that the dancing bear will win. - Nancy Isenberg
The boy knew that escaping school was the surest sign of his election. - Flannery O'Connor
Free elections don't always result in fair elections. - DaShanne Stokes
Elections are not the choice of the best candidate, but the choice of the best of the worst. - lmar Hussein
Vote as though your life depended on it. - Jill Telford
Every conceivable layer of the election process is completely riddled with vulnerabilities, so yes, hacking elections is easy! - James Scott
Not to believe in the effectiveness of prayer, but to cast one’s ballot in elections, does not exactly point to realism. - Klonovsky
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