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Depression refers to the feelings of severe dejection and despondency. Depression means a mental state in which you are sad and feel that you cannot enjoy living, because your situation is so difficult and unpleasant. It also refers to being or measured below the standard or norm. This are 105+ Depression quotes and sayings.

Did You Know Even Elephants Can Get Depressed.

Depression is the inability to construct a future. - Rollo May
Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement. - Joyce Meyer
A big part of depression is feeling really lonely, even if you're in a room full of a million people. - Lilly Singh
Depression is close to me, but suicide hasn't been. - Claire Forlani
Your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise. - Rumi
Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth. - Bo Burnham
Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. - Ronald Reagan
Depression, suffering and anger are all part of being human. - Janet Fitch
It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours. - Harry S Truman
It's often difficult for those who are lucky enough to have never experienced what true depression is to imagine a life of complete hopelessness, emptiness and fear. - Susan Polis Schutz
I have a tremendous battle with melancholy and depression. - Sebastian Faulks
Depression can seem worse than terminal cancer, because most cancer patients feel loved and they have hope and self-esteem. - David D. Burns
The Great War proved how confused the world is. Depression is proving it again. - Anne Sullivan
Instead of seeing depression as a dysfunction, it is a functioning phenomenon. It stops you cold, sets you down, makes you damn miserable. - James Hillman
It's really easy to slide into a depression fueled by the pointlessness of existence. - Robert Smith
You largely constructed your depression. It wasn't given to you. Therefore, you can deconstruct it. - Albert Ellis
Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself. - Pythagoras
That terrible mood of depression of whether it's any good or not is what is known as The Artist's Reward. - Ernest Hemingway
Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. - Dodie Smith
Anger is energising. The opposite of anger is depression, which is anger turned inward. - Gloria Steinem
You don't have to live a lie. Living a lie will mess you up. It will send you into depression. It will warp your values. - Gilbert Baker
Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm. - Murray Gell-Mann
When we're unemployed, we're called lazy; when the whites are unemployed it's called a depression. - Jesse Jackson
Nothing good comes out of depression. - Kay Redfield Jamison
Shutting out the depression strengthens it. While you hide from it, it grows. - Andrew Solomon
To get rid of depression, I swim with dolphins. - Patti Stanger
Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy. - Matt Lucas
When you study postpartum depression, there is a very clear understanding that in communities where you see more support, there is less depression. - Ariel Gore
The world of manic depression is a world of bad judgment calls. - Carrie Fisher
Depression is rage spread thin. George Santayana
Depression is a physical illness. - Terry Bradshaw
Grief comes and goes, but depression is unremitting. - Kay Redfield Jamison
You never really shake depression and that's a tough road you have to deal with. - Rick Springfield
As we consider the causes of depression, those of us in the church must face the ways we might be responsible for creating it. - Tony Campolo
Until you've had depression I don't think you're qualified to talk about it. - Geoffrey Boycott
Depression is a feeling without a cause. Mourning has a cause. - Edward Hirsch
Kids in the entertainment industry are at a risk of developing depression, as they see glamour at an early age. - Divyanka Tripathi
Depression is an illness and not a necessary part of healthy living. - David D. Burns
The panic of the Depression loosened my inhibitions against being different. I could be myself. - Emanuel Celler
Depression is something that makes you lose your sight. - Michael Schenker
Depression and anxiety can't fit in your head if you're cultivating feelings of joy and inspiration. - Austin Butler
When you are in depression, almost magically, nothing motivates you. - Ji-Hae Park
Depression runs in my family on both sides, and I have to be wary. - Dolly Parton
Depression is melancholy minus its charms - the animation, the fits. - Susan Sontag
Depression is when you have lots of love, but no one's taking. - Douglas Coupland
Depression is not interesting to watch. - Brad Pitt
There are scientists all around the world looking for the genes responsible for bipolar illness and major depression. - Kay Redfield Jamison
No matter where you are, depression responds to the same treatment. - Vikram Patel
We all know pain doesn't exist without some coexisting depression. - Jerry Hall
Concern should drive us into action, not into a depression. - Karen Horney
Dealing with depression effectively is a mark not of weakness, but of strength. - Andrew Solomon
There is a very moving and ancient connection between cancer and depression. - Siddhartha Mukherjee
The Depression did more to me than being a little Lebanese kid did. - Joe Jamail
Depression, if it's an unconsciously elected experience, is a luxury. - Jesse Eisenberg
Every experience feeds an actor, and I've learned that depression is all around us. - Bryan Cranston
What's often not acknowledged about depression is how much anger is in it. - Margo Jefferson
Things like depression and obesity are global challenges. - Jane McGonigal
Depression opens the door to beauty of some kind. - James Hillman
Creative people are more prone to depression. - Adam Ant
Depression is something I've lived with since I was a teenager. - Billy Howle
Anything that instills a sense of hope will at least temporarily help treat depression. - Irving Kirsch
The depths of the Depression. You didn't ask what the job was, what the pay was, you didn't ask about stock options, or - you said yes. - Art Linkletter
Trust me, you know when you've got depression. - Giles Andreae
It was the height of the Depression, and suddenly I am earning pots of money. - Ann Rutherford
Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. - Dodie Smith
It's brilliant, being depressed; you can behave as badly as you like. - Nick Hornby
Nuts Can Fight Depression.
Depression on my left, Loneliness on my right. They don't need to show me their badges. I know these guys very well. - Elizabeth Gilbert
Depression is melancholy minus its charms. - Susan Sontag
It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose your own. - Harry Truman
Depression is boring, I think and I would do better to make some soup and light up the cave. - Anne Sexton
Perhaps depression is caused by asking oneself too many unanswerable questions. - Miriam Toews
I bet if you cut open my stomach, the black slug of depression would slide out. - Jasmine Warga
Grief is depression in proportion to circumstance; depression is grief out of proportion to circumstance. - Andrew Solomon
Depression is anger turned inward. - Sapphire
Depression is not sobbing and crying and giving vent, it is plain and simple reduction of feeling. - Judith Guest
The opposite of play is not work—the opposite of play is depression. - Brian Sutton-Smith
Isolation and loneliness are central causes of depression and despair. - Bell Hooks
Depression is not generalized pessimism, but pessimism specific to the effects of one's own skilled action. - Robert M. Sapolsky
The opposite of play isn’t work. It’s depression. - Jane McGonigal
The depressed person is a radical, sullen atheist. - Julia Kristeva
Pain is always emotional. Fear and depression keep constant company with chronic hurting. - Siri Hustvedt
I thought by masking the depression with silence, the feelings might disappear. - Sharon E. Rainey
All monsters have their fits of depression. - Rachilde
Farts can remove depression shortly.
Depression, as far as I'm concerned, is just a waste of time. - Helen Reddy
Depression comes in bouts. Like boxing. Dad is in the blue corner. - Joe Dunthorne
Depression/The assassin inside me. - Hasty Words
What people never understand is that depression isn't about the outside; it's about the inside. - Jasmine Warga
Dealing with depression isn't about trying to run away from the feeling; it's about learning to walk alongside it. - Hannah Hart
Nothing is quite as depressing as depression. - Claire Weekes
Manic depression is the result of the sum of repetitiveness in life and expecting a different result. - Pieter Swaenepoel
And then depression set in. - Bill Murray
Unhappiness is a contagious disease caused by a chronic deficiency of gratitude. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Truth is, thinking about depression depresses the shit out of me. - David Levithan
People think depression is dark: it is White noise covering the mental landscape. - Richard L. Ratliff
To get out of depression, you need to find your exotic connection. - Talismans Ginebra
When money becomes your purpose, stress and depression becomes your path. - Prabakaran Thirumalai
Depression is an invisible cancer. - Himmilicious
Love is not endless, depression is… you just need to be able to live happily with that. - Lunga NoĆ©lia Izata
Reality is depressing; it's sensuality that was meant to make life interesting and worth living. - Lebo Grand
Sleeping is a time lost, staying with your parents it's the great time of depression. - Deyth Banger
The psychiatrists have a label for everyone. I'm a manic-depressive without the depression. - Marty Rubin
I'd rather walk with a bit of depression, then chase after a drug and lose my soul. - Ron Baratono
Depression! It really gets you down. - Anthony T. Hincks
Depression is an illness, and no fault of the person who suffers from it. - Julie Schumacher
Depression is like being under house arrest, only there is no house. - Lisa Eley
Depression is a Virus, handling it Once, Builds Your Immunity to it. - Vineet Raj Kapoor
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