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60+ Death Quotes And Sayings

Death means a permanent cessation of all vital functions. Death is end of life. Death defines the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism. Death can be approached from a variety of perspectives. This is a collection of 60+ death quotes and sayings.

1. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Norman Cousins
2. You can change your world by changing your words... Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue. Joel Osteen
3. The darkness of death is like the evening twilight; it makes all objects appear more lovely to the dying. Jean Paul
4. The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. Marcus Tullius Cicero
5. Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily. Napoleon Bonaparte
6. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Unknown
7. Suicide is man's way of telling God, 'You can't fire me - I quit.' Bill Maher
8. While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. Leonardo da Vinci
9. Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway. John Wayne
10. Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem. Joseph Stalin
11. Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection. Arthur Schopenhauer
12. In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin
13. Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Lao Tzu
14. Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs. Isaiah Berlin
15. The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic. Joseph Stalin
16. As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death. Leonardo da Vinci
17. I intend to live forever, or die trying. Groucho Marx
18. Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Tecumseh
19. Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold. Ralph Waldo Emerson
20. In India we only read about death, sickness, terrorism, crime. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
21. Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death. Ayn Rand
22. A samurai should always be prepared for death - whether his own or someone else's. Stan Sakai
23. For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. Khalil Gibran
24. I always say, complacency is the kiss of death. Shari Redstone
25. Life itself is but the shadow of death, and souls departed but the shadows of the living. Thomas Browne
26. Every human being is under construction from conception to death. Billy Graham

27. Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. Isaac Asimov
28. Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go. Jean de La Fontaine
29. Only in death will I relinquish my belts. Manny Pacquiao
30. Give me liberty or give me death. Patrick Henry
31. A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man. Miguel de Unamuno
32. Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. Socrates
33. Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. Mark Twain
34. Life and death are important. Don't suffer them in vain. Bodhidharma
35. Despise not death, but welcome it, for nature wills it like all else. Marcus Aurelius
36. Death is just life's next big adventure. J. K. Rowling
37. The goal of all life is death. Sigmund Freud
38. An 'unemployed' existence is a worse negation of life than death itself. Jose Ortega y Gasset
39. Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion. Arthur Koestler
40. Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering - an image of death. Buddha
41. I love the name of honor, more than I fear death. Julius Caesar
42. Old age is a tyrant, who forbids, under pain of death, the pleasures of youth. Francois de La Rochefoucauld
43. Looking good and feeling like death is a difficult combination for people to understand. Yolanda Hadid
44. Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it. Ernest Hemingway
45. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us. Charles Bukowski
46. Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity. John Milton
47. It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr. Napoleon Bonaparte
48. The death of the forest is the end of our life. Dorothy Stang
49. Drake's my little brother; I love him to death, and he's family-oriented. Birdman
50. To have the truth in your possession you can be found guilty, sentenced to death. Peter Tosh
51. Life and death. They are somehow sweetly and beautifully mixed, but I don't know how. Gloria Swanson

52. There's nothing like impending death to rouse you from existential boredom. Roger Ebert
53. Life without idealism is empty indeed. We just hope or starve to death. Pearl S. Buck
54. One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic. Joseph Stalin
55. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain
56. The valiant never taste of death but once. William Shakespeare
57. The stroke of death is as a lover's pinch, which hurts and is desired. William Shakespeare
58. Biography lends to death a new terror. Oscar Wilde
59. Death and vulgarity are the only two facts in the nineteenth century that one cannot explain away. Oscar Wilde
60. Drown in a cold vat of whiskey? Death, where is thy sting? W. C. Fields
61. Nothing in life is promised except death. Kanye West
62. Absence and death are the same - only that in death there is no suffering. Theodore Roosevelt
63. Inactivity is death. Benito Mussolini

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