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50 Admiration Quotes And Sayings

Admiration means respect and warm approval. It also refers to the act of looking on or contemplating with pleasure. It defines an object of wonder, pleasure, or approval. Admiration is a great virtue. We all need to show admiration to those who needs. This is a collection of 50 Admiration quotes and sayings.

Admiration: Our feeling of delight that another person resembles us. - Evan Esar
Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it. - Rod McKuen
Admiration and familiarity are strangers. - George Sand
Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Know yourself. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. - Ann Landers
Admiration is the daughter of ignorance. - Benjamin Franklin
Great is our admiration of the orator who speaks with fluency and discretion. - Marcus Tullius Cicero
Admiration is a very short-lived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object. - Joseph Addison
Our admiration of fine writing will always be in proportion to its real difficulty and its apparent ease. - Charles Caleb Colton
Between flattery and admiration there often flows a river of contempt. - Minna Antrim
There are charms made only for distant admiration. - Samuel Johnson
If you want to give up the admiration of thousands of men for the distain of one, go ahead, get married. - Katharine Hepburn
Admiration provides no saving grace for the inconvenient. - A.J. Darkholme
A mixture of admiration and pity is one of the surest recipes for affection. - Arthur Helps
A student never forgets an encouraging private word, when it is given with sincere respect and admiration. - William Lyon Phelps
The poet never asks for admiration; he wants to be believed. - Jean Cocteau
We reserve our deepest respect and admiration for those who volunteer for service and give their lives to help keep our nation secure. - Mitt Romney
Admiration of great men, living or dead, naturally evokes imitation of them in a greater or less degree. - Samuel Smiles
Interest in the Founders has risen and fallen over time, as has admiration for them and their accomplishments. - H. W. Brands
There has also been much love, joy, evidence of admiration, there has never been one without the other. - Isabelle Adjani
I have a great deal of respect and admiration for people who put themselves on the line. - Major Owens
Ignorance is the mother of admiration. - George Chapman
Drawing must seek interest, not admiration. Because admiration wears quickly. - John Howe
Woman is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one. - Edmund Burke
Knowing what you admire in others is a wonderful mirror into your deepest, as yet unborn, self. - Gretchen Rubin
There's nothing makes you admire people like seeing yourself in them. - Eleanor Hibbert
The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring. - Carl Sandburg
Be the mirror in which people admire their true potential. - Ron Kaufman
Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it. - Friedrich Nietzsche
It is the rooted instinct in men to admire what is better and more beautiful than themselves. - James Russell Lowell
Transform jealousy to admiration, and what you admire will become part of your life. - Yoko Ono
Those who admire modern civilization usually identify it with the steam engine and the electric telegraph. - George Bernard Shaw
We always love those who admire us, but we do not always love those whom we admire. - Francois de la Rochefoucauld
Be a big person; be generous of spirit; be the person you'd admire. - Allegra Huston
What a strange vanity painting is; it attracts admiration by resembling the original, we do not admire. - Blaise Pascal
The desire to please those we admire and respect often cripples conscience. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
A hero is someone we can admire without apology. - Kitty Kelley
There is an innocence in admiration: it occurs in one who has not yet realized that they might one day be admired. - Friedrich Nietzsche
You can't ever be really free if you admire somebody too much. - Tove Jansson
The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration. - Karl Lagerfeld
It is our ignorance of things that causes all our admiration and chiefly excites our passions. - Edmund Burke
Admiration, n. Our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves. - Ambrose Bierce
Women fancy admiration means more than it does. - Mary Lydon Simonsen
Inspiration, Admiration - Motivation [I am]- a very well defined characteristic of the soul. - Sandeep N. Tripathi
It's not the beauty of a person you should admire. It is the purity of heart that deserves your admiration. - Karon Waddell
A starry night moon looks at you with admiration because in her eyes you are a star. - Debasish Mridha
Talent is an art of gaining admiration! - Mehmet Murat ildan
The way to self-love and admiration is to behave like someone whom you love and admire. - Aspen Matis
Admiration is great, but there is a line not to cross. - Taissa Farmiga
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