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75+ Monday Quotes And Sayings

Monday is always special. Monday is the day to get a long breath and to be energized for another six days of the week. We can feel our families closely in Mondays. We can exercise our passions on Mondays. This is a beautiful collection of 75+ Monday quotes and sayings.

1. People can be great competitors on Sunday and mates on Monday. Casey Stoner
2. Almost every Monday I have a charity thing. I like that. I do. Yogi Berra
3. Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I'm a man of simple pleasures, really. Arthur Darvill
4. I'm not into 'Let's go out with one guy on a Monday and another guy on a Wednesday' - that's just not me. Jennifer Love Hewitt
5. The biggest thrill wasn't in winning on Sunday but in meeting the payroll on Monday. Art Rooney
6. When I wake up on a Monday morning and I realise I don't have to go and work at the civil service, I really think I've won. Paul Merton
7. On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks. H. Allen Smith
8. On Saturday, I was a surgeon in South Africa, very little known. On Monday, I was world renowned. Christiaan Barnard
9. A schedule so tight that it would only work if I didn't sleep on Monday nights. Alan Jay Lerner
10. 'Blue Monday' is a dance track with a hint of melancholy. Gillian Gilbert
11. You don't want to have to come into work on Monday already apologizing. I try to save my apologies for what I've done later in the week. Ike Barinholtz
12. I had my life Monday through Friday in school, and then I had my 'real life,' which was my acting class on Saturday. Gillian Jacobs
13. I graduated on a Friday. By Monday, I was doing Shakespeare in the Park. Ving Rhames
14. Most of the time, I'm here in Michigan and I'm taking out the garbage every Monday. Bob Seger
15. I have my kids every Friday through Monday, and I don't leave them the whole time I have them. Travis Barker
16. Having been in the league with five different franchises, I know what the meaning of Monday Night Football is. It's usually the best games and the greatest venue outside the playoffs. Jon Gruden
17. An example of my average week would be the gym on Monday; Tuesday will be a technical session. I practice running and high jump on Thursday and then have another technical session at the weekend. Katarina Johnson-Thompson
18. I used to conduct the last opera in Berlin on Sunday, get on a plane on Monday to Chicago, and start a rehearsal that same night, if it was a performance week. Daniel Barenboim
19. The Hamptons are filled with people who are winners Monday through Friday. Jerry Della Femina
20. To this day, while maintaining a healthy respect for the Giants and Jets and other teams I cover, I admit to checking the results every Monday to see how the Bears did. George Vecsey
21. 'Monday Night Football' is a competitor to 'Monday Night Raw.' Stephanie McMahon
22. Sitcoms are more like stage drama than anything else on film - more than a one-hour and certainly more than a movie. You get a script on Monday. You rehearse all week. And on Friday, you're on. Thomas Gibson
23. I want to be the Letterman of metal. I want five nights a week, Monday to Friday, 11 to 12, live. I always shoot for the moon. Eddie Trunk
24. My agent said that every Monday after an episode of 'Entourage,' at the staff meeting at the agency, that's all they do is talk about the episode the night before. Kevin Connolly
25. If someone complains about Europe from Monday to Saturday, then nobody is going to believe him on Sunday when he says he is a convinced European. Jean-Claude Juncker
26. I grew up watching Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell and the other guys with my dad. Lisa Guerrero
27. There are a lot more TV sets in use on Monday night than on Sunday afternoon. Pete Rozelle
28. I train hard Monday to Friday. I'll do weights and cardio in the gym most mornings and do a spinning class, too. Amy Childs
29. My daughter, the one who lives nearby, is raising her children to be very much aware. We went on a nature walk on Monday; I'm learning so much from her. Joanne Woodward
30. I like to write scenes in the middle of the night. We could change every word of 'Family Ties' between Monday and Friday. Gary David Goldberg
31. During the war, my mother used to take me to the local repertory theatre on a Monday night, and we used to get two seats for the price of one, for nine pence, in the gods. Geraldine McEwan
32. Before the first year, nobody gave it a chance. Now, 36 years later, everybody knows Monday Night Football. Frank Gifford
33. You can win a talent show and be so famous that you can't walk down the street, but no-one knows you next Monday. J. J. Field
34. It takes twice as long for me to not get anything done on Monday as it does the rest of the week.
35. Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I'm a man of simple pleasures, really. Arthur Darvill
36. Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear... 'Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.' Unknown Author
37. Hey I know it's Monday but it's also a new day, a new week, and in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen. Michael Ely
38. Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness. Unknown Author
39. For me, Monday represents a fresh start to the week. It is the day where the slate from the previous week is wiped clean. It is a day of new beginnings. Unknown Author
40. Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours. Jarod Kintz
41. I must break the routines and become a person who becomes productive every Monday. I must break the mindset of unhappiness and turn myself into a happy magnet for Mondays. Leggy Saul
42. Monday is just a reminder that the weekend has past and there are only a few more days before another weekend gets here. Unknown Author
43. Monday is a fresh start. It's never too late to dig in and begin a new journey of success. Unknown Author
44. Monday is a great for becoming too busy to die. Roy Station
45. It's awful knowing that one seventh of our life will be wasted on Mondays. Unknown Author
46. Step aside Monday, this is a job for coffee. Unknown Author
47. Candy is nature's way of making up for Mondays. Rebecca Gober
48. Step aside Monday, this is a job for coffee.
49. If each day was a gift, I would like to know where to return Monday. Unknown Author
50. Mondays are a lot like getting fat. They make you feel sad, sometimes angry and there is not much scope for liking either fat or Mondays for any reason. Gary Moll
51. Sometimes it pays to stay in bed in Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code. Dan Salomon
52. There are no miracles on Mondays. Amy Neftzger
53. Mondays are the potholes in the road of life. Tom Wilson
54. If you start the week with a positive attitude on Monday, it'll be a lot easier to fight off negativity the rest of the week. Unknown Author
55. On Monday mornings, I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks. H. Allen Smith
56. The only good thing about seeing my coworkers on Monday is they're the only people I don't have to apologize to for my weekend behavior. Unknown Author
57. Monday?! But, I wasn’t even finished with Saturday yet.
58. God gave us Mondays to punish us for the things we did over the weekend.
59. This should be the spirit every Mondays. Know that something good will always happen.
60. Freak out cause it’s monday again.
61. Today is Monday, and that’s reason enough for me to hate it.
62. There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays. 63. Hello, Monday. May I ask you a question? Why are you always back so quickly? Don’t you have a hobby?
63. Monday, Monday. Can’t trust that day.The Mamas & The Papas.
64. If Monday had a face, I’d punch it.
65. On Sunday nights, if you listen closely- you can hear Monday taunting you with the “Jaws” theme.
66. Finally, that rare and elusive Monday we like.
67. Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. My 7th favorite.
68. Monday must be a man, it comes too quickly.
69. Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life!
70. I haven’t had this bad of a Monday since last Monday.
71. There’s no more difficult transition than Sunday to Monday…
72. Who loves Monday , more than monday.
73. Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours. Jarod Kintz
74. Monday is the root of all evil.
75. Monday is the day of silence, day of the whole white mung bean, which is sacred to the moon. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
76. Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year! David Dweck
77. There is nothing more dreadful than having to go walking on one’s own on Monday. Thomas Bernhard

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