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100 Revenge Quotes

Revenge is a basic human instinct. Revenge is when we want someone to pay off for what they did with us. We want revenge. Below you'll find 100 Revenge quotes.

1. The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself. Eddie Vedder
2. I know what it is to feel unloved, to want revenge, to make mistakes, to suffer disappointment, yet also to find the courage to go forward in life. Tim O'Brien
3. Revenge and retaliation always perpetuate the cycle of anger, fear and violence. Coretta Scott King
4. Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged. Samuel Johnson
5. Success is the best revenge. I always feel women should answer back either with their sarcasm or success. Kangana Ranaut
6. There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness. Josh Billings
7. Survival was my only hope, success my only revenge. Patricia Cornwell
8. The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury. Marcus Aurelius
9. While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for yourself. Douglas Horton
10. To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves. Alexander Pope
11. If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? William Shakespeare
12. The best revenge is massive success. Frank Sinatra
13. Revenge is sweet and not fattening. Alfred Hitchcock
14. No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place. Meir Kahane
15. Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal. Elizabeth Fry
16. Our revenge will be the laughter of our children. Bobby Sands
17. To refrain from imitation is the best revenge. Marcus Aurelius
18. Revenge is a powerful motivator. Marcus Luttrell
19. Revenge is profitable, gratitude is expensive. Edward Gibbon
20. Living well is the best revenge. George Herbert
21. It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; every complaint already contains revenge. Friedrich Nietzsche
22. Follow me if I advance! Kill me if I retreat! Revenge me if I die! Ngo Dinh Diem
23. Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you. Austin O'Malley
24. Revenge only engenders violence, not clarity and true peace. I think liberation must come from within. Sandra Cisneros
25. If you lose a big fight, it will worry you all of your life. It will plague you - until you get your revenge. Muhammad Ali
26. He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well. John Milton
27. The point of revenge is not in the completion but in the process. Park Chan-wook
28. If revenge motivates you, go for it! But the main thing is to set your game in order. Viswanathan Anand
29. Revenge is barren of itself: it is the dreadful food it feeds on; its delight is murder, and its end is despair. Friedrich Schiller
30. Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge. Meir Kahane
31. There are minds so impatient of inferiority that their gratitude is a species of revenge, and they return benefits, not because recompense is a pleasure, but because obligation is a pain. Samuel Johnson
32. Getting revenge on a guy is just not worth it to me. I mean, it definitely sucks at the time, but obviously you're not supposed to be with that person. Carrie Underwood
33. The problem with revenge is that it never evens the score. It ties both the injured and the injurer to an escalator of pain. Both are stuck on the escalator as long as parity is demanded, and the escalator never stops. Lewis B. Smedes
34. It is always easier to requite an injury than a service: gratitude is a burden, but revenge is found to pay. Tacitus
35. Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it foregoes revenge and dares to forgive an injury. Edwin Hubbel Chapin
36. Meekness: Uncommon patience in planning a revenge that is worth while. Ambrose Bierce
37. Revenge is not always sweet, once it is consummated we feel inferior to our victim. Emile M. Cioran
38. It was all about wanting to get revenge. Pathetic, really, but it still is the motivation. Julian Clary
39. The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future. Marya Mannes
40. The best revenge in the world is success. Suge Knight
41. Revenge proves its own executioner. John Ford
42. Revenge... is like a rolling stone, which, when a man hath forced up a hill, will return upon him with a greater violence, and break those bones whose sinews gave it motion. Jeremy Taylor
43. Revenge is a caustic thing. I say, Breathe in, breathe deeply, let it go. Jason Statham
44. To exact revenge for yourself or your friends is not only a right, it's an absolute duty. Stieg Larsson
45. In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior. Francis Bacon
46. Without justice, the most heinous crimes go unpunished; victims are unable to obtain redress, and peace remains an elusive goal, since impunity generates more hatred, leading to acts of revenge and more suffering. Federica Mogherini
47. Revenge is a particularly interesting concept, especially the notion of whether or not it exists outside of just an abstract idea. Christopher Nolan
48. Revenge doesn't stop. Daniel Craig
49. Let go of offence. Let go of fear. Let go of revenge. Don't live angry, let go now! Joel Osteen
50. Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more a man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out. Francis Bacon
51. It's important we understand our system seeks justice and not revenge. Pete Gallego
52. This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge keeps his wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well. Francis Bacon
53. 'Revenge' is a shameless soap in the style of Eighties shoulder-pad slap-offs like 'Dallas,' 'Dynasty' and 'Falcon Crest.' Yet there's no wink-wink camp. Rob Sheffield
54. Revenge is not a noble sentiment, but it is a human one. Rudy Giuliani
55. Expelled from individual consciousness by the rush of change, history finds its revenge by stamping the collective unconsciousness with habits and values. Arthur M. Schlesinger
56. Revenge by young men is considered gain, even at the cost of their own lives, but old men who stay at home in times of war, and mothers who have sons to lose, know better. Chief Seattle
57. Men are more prone to revenge injuries than to requite kindness. Thomas Fuller
58. Hunger, revenge, to sleep are petty foes, But only death the jealous eyes can close. William Wycherley
59. To take revenge halfheartedly is to court disaster; either condemn or crown your hatred. Pierre Corneille
60. I don't believe in revenge. When people are bullies it's because of a deeper-rooted issue - either their family life is tough or they're being bullied by someone bigger than they are. Khloe Kardashian
61. Ruining someone else's life for attention or revenge should also come with a price. Tomi Lahren
62. Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge. Paul Gauguin
63. We are taught that revenge is strong and compassion is weak. We are taught that power is more important than love. Sharon Salzberg
64. The people who influenced me most were the people who said I would never make it. They gave me a thirst for revenge. Colin Mochrie
65. Certainly, in taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy, but in passing it over, he is superior; for it is a prince's part to pardon. Francis Bacon
66. Revenge is the naked idol of the worship of a semi-barbarous age. Percy Bysshe Shelley
67. In moments of pain, we seek revenge. Ami Ayalon
68. Most action is based on redemption and revenge, and that's a formula. Moby Dick was formula. It's how you get to the conclusion that makes it interesting. Sylvester Stallone
69. I've had to write in a different way because I'm not in a bad place and I'm not heartbroken, so there's no one I want revenge on. Boy George
70. I guess, deep down, there's a dark side to us. I guess that's why movie fans really love the revenge drama. We like to go into dark movie theaters and fantasize. James Wan
71. In human history, the desire for revenge and the desire for loot have often been closely associated. John McCarthy
72. Justice is revenge. Saad Hariri
73. I mean, who wants to live waking up... at least I don't want to live waking up everyday about revenge. Mitchell Baker
74. You have to be okay with wins and losses. You can't just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can't buy more and more because you're sure it's going to bounce. We call that revenge trading. Josh Brolin
75. I don't have the feeling of being motivated by anger, revenge or frustration. Agnes Obel
76. Revenge is not a positive state of mind or energy to indulge your self in. Michael K. Williams
77. The great thing is that I'm getting my revenge on everybody who treated me badly in high school. The bad thing is I had to go back to high school to do it. Anne Beatts
78. Don't want no revenge
Ain't no pay back time
It ain't called getting even
Here comes the Reckoning Day . MEGADETH
79. In a distorted, fallen world revenge is normal, its extreme form being capital punishment. Certainly, those who harm others, especially those whose lives are distorted, must be placed where they cannot repeat such acts, but judgment belongs to God alone. GENE DAVENPORT
80. The very design of revenge is troublesome, and puts the spirits into an unnatural fermentation and tumult. The man that meditates it is always restless, his very soul is stung, swells and boils, is in pain and anguish, hath no ease, no enjoyment of itself, so long as this passion reigns. The execution of it may perhaps be attended with some present pleasure, but that pleasure is unreasonable and brutish, momentary and short, like a flash of lightning, which vanishes in the twinkling of an eye. ISAAC BARROW
81. Revenge is for children and the emotionally retarded. FRANK HERBERT
82. Once you've sought the path of revenge,There's no way to stop ,And the more I try to hurt you the more that it hurts me.
83. Life has its grizzly moments that will maul you. Don't give up and crawl into your grave just yet. We all love the underdog or revenant that takes the world by storm. The best revenge is living well. Go after life with gusto and crush all those obstacles that try to thwart your best efforts. Ron Blake
84. Revenge is served ice cold, garnished with shavings of creeping psychological dread. Damon Smith
85. Revenge commonly hurts both the offeror and sufferer; as we see in a foolish bee, which in her anger invenometh the flesh and loseth her sting, and so lives a drone ever after. Joseph Hall
86. The man who seeks revenge is like the man who shoots himself in order to hit his enemy with the kick of the gun's recoil.
87. Revenge is the prime ingredient in the fountain of youth. Clockwerk
88. To admit wanting revenge is to admit you have been crushed and need to be rebuilt. Few are comfortable admitting that, even to themselves. Laura Blumenfeld
89. Revenge is a boomerang.
90. Revenge is backward looking, whereas rationality is forward looking -- so the two fail to engage. Alan Hamlin
91. When they say revenge is a dish best served up cold they were wrong ... revenge for me has instead turned out to be a dish served hot, steamy and very satisfying! Vanessa e. Silver
92. Universal though the instinct for revenge may be, it is much stronger in some of us than others. And those who have it in abundance apparently pay something of a price. Ellis Cose
93. Revenge is but a small circle. Edward Counsel
94. Revenge, like some poisonous plant, replete with baneful juices, rankles in the breast, and meditates mischief to its neighbour. Wwllins calcott
95. Neglect kills injuries, revenge increases them.
96. Revenge is what we call that sturdy horse, Self-Defense, when it runs amuck. Curb it and train it to stick to the road, and it will carry you far.
97. Revenge is the most worthless weapon in the world. It ruins the avenger while more firmly confirming the enemy in his wrong. It initiates an endless flight down the bottomless stairway of rancor, reprisals, and ruthless retaliation. TIM LAHAYE & BOB PHILLIPS
98. The worst revenge is the best revenge. Colleen Murphy
99. In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy, but in passing it over he is superior. Francis Bacon
100. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi
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